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Bring in Horton as our DC
Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

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Originally Posted by StillIn729 View Post

Bring in Horton as our DC



not going lie.. i'm intrigued by kirby smart (alabama assistant coach and DC).. dude is only 37 and has be working under saban



but they'll are saying the favorites are either smart or grantham (UGA's DC).. with quinn going to the seahawks

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Originally Posted by itsaboutthattime View Post

not going lie.. i'm intrigued by kirby smart (alabama assistant coach and DC).. dude is only 37 and has be working under saban

but they'll are saying the favorites are either smart or grantham (UGA's DC).. with quinn going to the seahawks

I have a feeling it's gonna be Grantham
Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

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Originally Posted by StillIn729 View Post

I have a feeling it's gonna be Grantham


that's what i'm thinking too.. a good point was made on twitter about smart, with him being so successful at such a young age, he's going be a head coach very soon (probably in college)


whereas with grantham, he could be around for a while with kelly







Lurie accuses Banner of fueling negative perception of Roseman

January 18, 2013, 10:00 am
Print Article
Joe Banner was an Eagles executive for 19 years before leaving the team in June 2012. (AP)


Jeffrey Lurie is not happy, and the object of his scorn is his boyhood best friend.
Lurie, owner of the Eagles, said former Eagles executive Joe Banner, his boyhood friend, top adviser for nearly two decades and now CEO of the Browns, appears to be the source of anonymous comments sharply critical of Eagles general manager Howie Roseman that appeared recently in a story on a national sports web site.
“I’m very supportive of Howie, and if there’s any criticism coming from afar about Howie, it’s just off-base, and so I will support Howie completely, because that’s not right,” Lurie said.
“And, you know, if there are league sources that are really based in Cleveland, that’s not right. We see through it all.”
In a Jan. 14 story that appeared on, NFL reporter Jason La Canfora, quoting an anonymous source, wrote that Roseman was “drunk with power” and “woefully out of his depth” and was a detriment to the Eagles’ search for a head coach.

Banner released a statement through Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis denying in the strongest terms that he was the source of the comments in La Canfora’s story.

“It is always difficult to comment on a quote that may or may not be accurate or in context. In this case, from the comments which Jeffrey made that were communicated to me, it is necessary for me to make this clear, unambiguous statement. Any implication that I had anything to do with Jason La Canfora’s story is completely false, outrageous and borders on being libelous.

“I had absolutely no conversation with Jason La Canfora. Having demonstrated my character over the last 44 years to Jeffrey and the last 14 to Howie, it is beyond disappointing that they would suggest such a thing. As tempting as it is to go further, other than defending myself, I will continue to take the high road on all such matters as I have since the day I left the Eagles.”

The Eagles and Browns both targeted coveted Oregon head coach Chip Kelly for their head coaching openings, pitting Lurie and Roseman against Banner in a very public, high-stakes battle among former friends for one of the most successful college coaches of the past decade.
In the middle of all this, La Canfora’s story compared the Browns’ coaching search favorably to the Eagles’ search and suggested that the Eagles’ search, led by Lurie, Roseman and team president Don Smolenski, was “meandering and bizarre.”
When the Eagles hired Kelly as head coach on Wednesday, it was widely seen as a strong measure of vindication for Roseman and evidence that the anonymous source who told La Canfora that Roseman would prevent the Eagles from landing a prominent coach was off-base.

Kelly said in Philadelphia on Thursday that the Browns were never in the mix, that he knew all along he would either return to Oregon or take the Eagles job.

“It was evident to me that I was either going to go to Philadelphia or stay in Oregon,” Kelly said. “When I met with Jeffrey and Howie and Donald right there, I knew obviously I thought that this was the best spot.”
Although the La Canfora story successfully fueled strong anti-Roseman sentiment in Philadelphia, it apparently had no effect on the Eagles’ search to replace long-time coach Andy Reid.
Lurie said he, Roseman and Smolenski were aware of the story and aware of mounting anti-Roseman sentiment but tried to ignore it.
“For these two weeks [during the search], we weren’t going to pay much attention to anything,” Lurie said. “But if Howie did, he just completely was able to deal with it.
“He was annoyed by the unprofessional aspect. He was really annoyed. And hurt by it. But he wouldn’t let that get in the way here. He was not going to deal with these people.”
In a group interview with reporters on Thursday, Lurie said the three-man search committee was determined not to be distracted or discouraged by the growing hostility toward Roseman.
They knew eventually they would hire either Kelly or Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, their second choice, so they knew eventually the negativity would end.
“We knew strategically what was going on with league sources and stuff like that,” Lurie said. “This was such erroneous reporting it was insane.
“The people we interviewed and the people who called the people we interviewed were so positive that I think it dwarfed any of the individual agendas of anybody that was quoted as league sources. It was a joke to us, really.”
Lurie said he and Banner have maintained a cordial relationship since their working relationship fractured.
He said he and Banner exchanged texts on Thursday, with each congratulating the other on their head coaching hires – Kelly in Philadelphia and Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski in Cleveland.
He also said he believes the relationship between him and Banner can be salvaged.
“I’m intending to have an excellent relationship with him moving forward,” he said.
Lurie said he hasn’t spoken to Banner recently to discuss his suspicion that Banner was the one who planted negative quotes about Roseman in La Canfora’s story.
“I haven’t done that,” he said. “But if I have to do it I will.”

To put the depth of the bitterness between Lurie and Banner in perspective, it’s important to understand how close they once were.
On May 7, 1994, one day after Lurie officially became owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, he hired Banner as his top adviser.
For 19 years, they worked together to carry out a shared vision of the Eagles franchise. They got a state-of-the-art stadium built. They got a world-class practice facility built. They transformed the Eagles into the second-winningest franchise in the NFC from 1995 through 2010.
But Banner left the Eagles in June after losing a bitter power struggle with Roseman, his one-time protégé. A few months later he joined Jimmy Haslam’s ownership group in Cleveland, soon becoming CEO of the Browns.
Reid alluded to the Lurie-Banner fracture earlier this month when he was asked in an interview with Philadelphia media about the Eagles’ decline in recent years, a decline that ultimately cost Reid his job.
“I would tell you the most important thing is that everybody’s got to be pulling in the same direction,” Reid said after accepting the Chiefs’ head coaching position.
“When that gets out of whack, bad things happen. That’s how this league works. If you get a little bit out of whack, you’re not going to be successful.”
As for Roseman, Lurie said the third-year general manager actually had outstanding relationships with all the coaching candidates.
“One of the things I learned -- as an owner you learn as you go -- was the really great respect that Howie had across the league,” Lurie said. “People were calling our candidates to say, ‘This is a young GM, but he is a very, very sharp guy.’
“Andy [Reid] also called some of the candidates and told them what [Roseman] is like to work with.
“The benefit we had here, and I can’t underestimate it, and it wasn’t even our doing, but some of the real iconic names in the sport were telling our candidates before they came in that this was by far the best organization to come in and work for.”
Roseman refused to call the Kelly hiring vindication. He said he tried to stay positive throughout the search process and stay focused on the ultimate goal.
Finding a coach who could restore the Eagles’ winning tradition.
“I don’t want to make this about me,” Roseman said. “I think it’s about our organization, our team and giving the fans back the kind of team they’re used to. That would be vindication for me.”

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Boy genius Roseman. Time to show us something.
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Not really about the Eagles, but the Jets hired Marty as their OC. laugh.gifmean.gif
Good luck to them throwing it 1299102810 times.
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^ saw that.. not sure how him and rex are going to work out

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This is more Oregon related but it will apply to the Eagles too....

A really great article written by Chip detailing EVERYTHING about his teaching method, his practice plan, his style, offense it was pretty introspective...really excited to see what he does with all of our weapons on offense

But the defense however will be interesting....Horton went to Cleveland as their DC apparently and Kelly does want to implement the 3-4 if the reports are to be believed, so we'll have to see. He did say that he was looking for guys with NFL experience at the crucial assistant coaching spots, so Grantham would fit there as well I heard we may be lookin at Kirby Smart from Bama too
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Eagles | Olympique Lyonnais | Arsenal | Sixers | Phillies | Flyers | PITT Panthers
DB The Collective
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Updated: January 20, 2013, 10:49 AM ET news services



Former Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur is expected to join Chip Kelly's coaching staff in Philadelphia, likely as the Eagles' offensive coordinator, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Shurmur, 47, went 9-23 in his two seasons with the Browns, who were still in the playoff mix before closing the season with three straight losses to finish 5-11. He was fired following the season and since replaced in Cleveland by new coach Rob Chudzinski.

Before becoming the Browns' coach, Shurmur was the St. Louis Rams' offensive coordinator for two seasons.

The Eagles hired Kelly last week, choosing the former Oregon coach as the successor to longtime coach Andy Reid, who was fired after 14 seasons with the team. Reid was named the Chiefs' new coach soon after his dismissal by Philadelphia.

Kelly hasn't yet named his defensive coordinator, either, and has interviewed Giants linebackers coach Jim Herrmann for the position, a league source told ESPN.

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The averaged just 40 less yards a game then the did last year. Considering the difference in talent, impressive by Shurmur

Philadelphia Eagles: Sources tell us Boston College linebackers coach Bill McGovern will join Chip Kelly's staff with the Eagles. Sources also tell us former Buffalo Bills receivers coach Bob Bicknell will join Chip's staff.

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I love the move to bring in Shurmar as OC
Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

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Looks like Ed Donatell from the 49ers is the top choice for DC.

Wouldn't love it. Wouldn't hate it either.
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Philadelphia Eagles / Philadelphia 76ers / Philadelphia Phillies
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Revis? nerd.gif
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Lol. Would be nice. Give them Vick and a pick. laugh.gif
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soooooooooooo rumors are we are waiting til national signing day for our DC..




just looking at draft guys.. my obvious 1st choice is luke joeckel and then my 2nd choice would be star lotulelei..


if the rumors are true and we are switching to a 3-4.. then we could use star like how the ravens use ngata by putting him at NT and DE on the line (obviously he wouldnt work exactly like him, since ngata starts at end and moves to NT sometimes)


cox and jenkins would start as the DEs with star as the NT

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^ probably just here competing for the backup/3rd string QB spot.. since vick is probably gone (early march) and edwards most likely too



then kelly has some of his guys in there at a couple spots to help with what he likes to do practice wise

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Who stays, who goes? The Eagles' offense


Tue, 2013-02-05 18:22
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February 5, 2013, 9:45 am
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The Eagles' offense finished 29th in the NFL in scoring last season with 17.5 points per game. (AP)


On Monday, Geoff Mosher did away with 15 of the 26 defensive players on the Eagles' roster. Today, Reuben Frank is back to select who stays and who goes of the Eagles offense. Click here for Mosher's take on the defense, and see below for Frank's take on the offense:

Unlike the defense, the Eagles’ offense isn’t in dire need of a complete overhaul.

The Eagles do need improved offensive line depth, a young receiver or two who can run, a backup tight end and a couple quarterbacks who’ll fit into Chip Kelly’s system, but they have terrific weapons at wide receiver and running back and -- if everybody comes back healthy -- the makings of a decent offensive line.

Of the 33 offensive guys who either finished last year on the Eagles’ active roster or on Injured Reserve, we’re keeping 17, a little more than half and maybe a little high. But it’s impossible to replace an entire team, and since we’re replacing all but eight guys on defense, we’re going to show a little restraint on offense, where the issues in 2012 had more to do with injuries and play-calling than talent.

Here’s a look at who stays and who goes on offense:

Jason Avant: Few slot receivers are better. Is he fast enough for Kelly’s system? I don’t care. Good leader, solid pro, makes big catches. I want him around. Stays.

Demetress Bell: Hmm … release him or pay him an $8.5 million roster bonus. Real tough call. Goes.

Bryce Brown: If he can learn to hang onto the ball, he could really be a special player. Stays.

Brent Celek: A lot of fans are down on the veteran TE, but Celek, when he’s right, is a terrific weapon. One of the few guys who was really devastated last year when the Eagles were losing. Love his attitude. Stays.

Riley Cooper: Tricky one. Eagles need to upgrade WR depth, and I’d have no problem taking a receiver in the first few rounds. But if they don’t, I’d be OK keeping Cooper around. Stays.

King Dunlap: As bad as Bell was, Dunlap might have been even worse. Goes.

Trent Edwards: Good veteran QB to have around, but can’t imagine he’ll fit in. Goes.

Nick Foles: He should be the Eagles’ QB this coming year, but I suspect he won’t be. Foles did enough positive things behind a brutal O-line and with limited weapons to earn that chance. Stays.

Clay Harbor: OK backup tight end but Eagles can do better. Goes.

Stanley Havili: Was effective when healthy but probably not a fit under Kelly. Goes.

Todd Herremans: Should be healthy, and needs to be back at guard. Stays.

DeSean Jackson: Intrigued to see what Kelly can do with Jackson. Should be a tremendous weapon in his style of offense. Stays.

Emil Igwenagu: We don’t even know if Kelly will keep one FB, much less a backup. Goes.

Damaris Johnson:
Should have been a bigger part of the offense last year. Kelly will surely find a lot of ways to get production out of the speedster from Tulsa. Stays.

Jason Kelce: We don’t even know who the O-line coach will be or what kind of system he’ll run, but there’s got to be a place for Kelce. Stays.

Dennis Kelly: Was overmatched at OT but hung in at guard as a late-round rookie. Plays with grit. Eagles need that. Good backup. Stays.

Matt Kopa: Wow, I really agonized over this one. Goes.

Dion Lewis: Should have played more last year. Stays.

Jeremy Maclin: I like him more than most people. Stays.

Evan Mathis: Veteran guard was Eagles’ offensive MVP last year by default. Stays.

LeSean McCoy: @CutOnDime25 goes, but LeSean McCoy Stays.

Marvin McNutt: Unless Kelly moves him back to QB, Goes.

Nate Menkin: Eagles kept him on the 53 all year, so they must be high on him as a backup interior lineman. Out of all the backup OL guys we know nothing about, he’s the one who stays. Stays.

Evan Moore: He had his shot. Dropped it. Goes.

Jason Peters: The reports are encouraging. If he can return to form, it’ll be huge. Stays.

Chris Polk: I like this kid. Stays.

Dallas Reynolds: See ya. Goes.

Greg Salas: The T.J. DiLeo lookalike. Goes.

Jake Scott: Did a nice job as an emergency fill-in, but no room for him here. Goes.

Matt Tennant: How many of these guys do the Eagles have? Goes.

Michael Vick: He’s going to be 33, he hasn’t won a playoff game in nine years, he’s clearly lost a step or two, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe he can recapture the magic of early 2010. Goes.

Danny Watkins: I haven’t seen any evidence the former first-round pick wants to play football. Goes.

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Who stays, who goes? The Eagles' defense
Mon, 2013-02-04 13:02
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February 4, 2013, 9:00 am
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The Eagles' defense tied the Jacksonville Jaguars for the third-most points allowed in 2012, with 27.8 per game. (AP)


Over the next two days, Geoff Mosher and Reuben Frank will go name by name through the Eagles roster, picking who stays and who goes for the 2013 season. As the defense is in need of the biggest overhaul, we'll start there:

Memo to: Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman.

Re: Eagles defense

Subject: Brooms, dustpan, Windex...

Time for house cleaning, fellas. While the offense has some superstar talent worth keeping, the defense needs an overhaul. Forget their Pro Bowls, their paychecks, their experience. If they didn’t give it all for a respected veteran coach like Andy Reid, they’re not going to perform for a transplant college coach without any NFL experience.

Of the 26 defensive players who ended the season on the active roster or practice squad, we’re keeping 11 (and we’re probably being too kind). Almost all of the secondary has to go and most of the veterans need to be sent packing, too.

This is Kelly’s team now and he needs to put his stamp on it from the start. Here’s a look at who stays and goes on defense:

Nate Allen: Has one year left and once had great upside. Might as well see if he can be salvaged. Stays.

Colt Anderson: Should never be anything other than a No. 4 safety and special-teamer, but deserves a chance to compete. Stays.

Nnamdi Asomugha: Wouldn’t keep him if he agreed to a base salary of $3. Not because he can’t play anymore but because he represents much of went wrong over the past two seasons. Clean slate needed. Goes.

Brandon Boykin: Athletic, young, physical player who should have been looked at last year on the outside. Good future ahead of him. Stays.

Jamar Chaney: Really disappointing last season. Needs scenery change. Goes.

Trent Cole: No 3-4 experience but that’s no reason to send the best pass rusher packing. Line him up at rush linebacker and watch him return to double-digit sack form. Stays.

Kurt Coleman: Tough one because he’s a max-effort guy with good smarts, but it’s time to get some fresh faces in the secondary. Goes.

Fletcher Cox: Not going anywhere, except from interior tackle to defensive end in the 3-4. He’s a rising star but needs to mature. Stays.

Vinny Curry: Lacked ideal size (6-3, 260) for defensive end in the 4-3 but has agility for 3-4 end, which could boost his career. Met with a bunch of 3-4 teams in last year’s pre-draft process. Stays.

Antonio Dixon: Shed major pounds last year after eating himself out of an NFL job. Now he’s probably too small for the nose in a 3-4, which the Eagles now need. Hard worker but they can do better. Goes.

Brandon Graham: With one year left on his rookie deal, Graham should get the chance to see if he can carry over last year’s momentum -- at outside linebacker. Stock rose a little last year, so if the Eagles find a trade partner, that would be the one reason to move him. Stays.

Brandon Hughes: Good leader, solid on special teams, but if he becomes a victim of the roster overhaul, those are the breaks. Goes.

Phillip Hunt: Great guy but really didn’t capitalize on his limited chances. Could he excel as a rush linebacker? Maybe. But the Eagles have a bunch of those. Goes.

Cullen Jenkins: Had some productive seasons at defensive end in Green Bay’s 3-4 but his welcome here is worn out. The team needs new faces in the locker room. Goes.

Akeem Jordan: He’s been an impact special-teamer and reliable backup, but you don’t keep those guys around for seven years. Time to find a new one. Goes.

Mychal Kendricks: Should adjust seamlessly back into the 3-4 as an inside 'backer, where he played at Cal. Height is a deterrent, but good player to have. Stays.

Derek Landri: Battled injuries last year and more fits DT in 4-3 scheme. Goes.

Curtis Marsh: Another really good guy who just can’t play at the NFL level. Was raw when they drafted him and hasn’t developed enough. I’d move him back to offense. If not, then ... Goes.

Casey Matthews: Familiarity with Chip Kelly’s defense helps, but I think he -- and the team -- are better off if Matthews has a new address. Goes.

Mike Patterson: Another great guy whose leadership is significant, but the team is moving on and must start fresh. Tough call here, but ... Goes.

Ryan Rau: Try-hard guy who can make an impact on special teams. Let him compete. Stays.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: Falls into Nnamdi’s category. I’m not convinced he can’t play, but I am convinced that the secondary needs a new face and identity. Goes.

DeMeco Ryans: If there’s a trade partner out there, pull the trigger. If not, keep him and he can be a serviceable base linebacker, even in the 3-4. But he’s not a star. Stays.

David Sims: Still don’t know if he can or can’t play, but if I’m overhauling the roster, then he’s out with the rest of them. Goes.

Darryl Tapp: Like Patterson, a great guy to have in the clubhouse. But Tapp’s production hasn’t earned him the right to come back. Goes.

Cedric Thornton: Another scheme-versatile player who can move to defensive end in the 3-4 and be effective. Gotta keep him. Stays.

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Agree with everything said about the defense, I'd love to get Dashon Goldson in here to play safety since he's a free agent
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Originally Posted by ExtRaOrDinaRy SwAg View Post

Agree with everything said about the defense, I'd love to get Dashon Goldson in here to play safety since he's a free agent


i dont agree with cleaning house to the degree that he is.. but i do agree a good bit need to go




‎#Eagles sign former CFL DE/LB Chris McCoy and release Demetress Bell
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also grantham (UGA DC) interviewed with the saints recently..


Jason LaCanfora just now on twitter:

In regards to that Grantham interview wi/ Saints, I continue to hear the Georgia DC could end up with the Eagles. Chip Kelly thinks highly




Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter
New Orleans plans to hire former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan as its new defensive coordinator, per league sources.

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looks like donatell is out:


Ian Rapoport@RapSheet
#Saints contacted #49ers to attempt to interview 49ers DBs coach Ed Donatell for their DC job. He's under contract. #49ers blocked interview



also i assume leavitt is out as well (49ers LB coach), if the 49ers are blocking position coaches from interviewing for DC positions

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Eagles can carry over up to $23 million in cap space

91754035_display_imageGetty Images

As the Eagles embark on a new era for the first time since 1999, coach Chip Kelly and company have an edge when it comes to their cap situation.

The Eagles may inflate their base cap number by up to $23 million in 2013.

That’s the amount the Eagles may carry over from 2012, if they choose to do so.  Under the current labor deal, teams may carryover over any, some, all, or none of their cap surplus.

The full list of available adjustments appears here, with both the Cowboys and Redskins losing cap space due to the penalties imposed last year after they were determined to be in violation of the spirit of the uncapped year in 2010.

The numbers don’t reflect total cap space for 2013; instead, it’s the additional amount that each team has, or doesn’t have, available under the unadjusted cap, which is expected to be in the range of $121 million per team.  For example, the Eagles will be able to bump the cap from $121 million to $144 million.

The fact that cap money is available to be carried over doesn’t mean it will be.  Last year, the Cardinals left $5 million on the books, and the Chargers and Texans carried over none of their excess cap space from 2011.

There’s no good reason to not carry over cap space, unless a team simply doesn’t want to spend the money.  Thus, fans should pay close attention to whether their favorite team is willing to spend its money on players, before the fans decide whether they’re willing to spend theirs on tickets, hats, and jerseys.

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According to my calculations the Eagles have $15,661,051 in cap room after releasing Demestress Bell.






and we still have big money guys like vick and nnamdi to get rid of

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Billy Davis is the new DC
Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

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i think we wanted to go with one of the 49ers guys (their DBs coach or LBs coach), but they got blocked from interviewing..



would rather have gone with grantham..







but at least davis has NFL experience and has worked with/under cowher, capers, philips and nolan

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Saw the teams Davis had coached in, I don't know much about him though.






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Billy Davis vs The World

Posted: February 7th, 2013 | Author: Tommy Lawlor | Filed under: Philadelphia Eagles | 55 Comments »

It is pretty clear that most Eagles fans are not very fired up about the hiring of Billy Davis.  I’m not going to lie and tell you I’m in love with the move.  That said, my reaction isn’t overly negative either.  Why?  There weren’t great candidates available.  You always need perspective.

So let’s compare Billy to some DC candidates.


Ed Donatell – BLOCKED!  Stinkin’ Jim Harbaugh didn’t even give us a chance to talk to Ed.


Todd Grantham – A lot of fans were fired up about Todd.  Not me.  He was given elite talent at Georgia and produced good defenses.  See the problem there?  Some might point to UGA being 5th in yards allowed in 2011, but that was a mighty soft schedule.  When Georgia did face good offenses, they gave up 35 points to Boise, 45 to South Carolina, 42 to LSU, and 33 to Michigan State.  Grantham is a good college DC with some NFL experience.  He’s not the guy that the hype would lead you to belive.

Is he better than Davis?  The NFL stats would say yes, but not by much. And the red flag there is that Grantham’s defense got worse each year.


Kirby Smart – Apparently he was not a legit candidate, despite all kinds of rumors.  Him going to the NFL made no sense to me.  Stay at Bama another year and then take over as HC of some other college.


Steve Spagnuolo – How the mighty have fallen.  Spags looked like a genius after his work with the Giants in 2007 and 2008.  He struggled in St. Louis and then was the DC of a trainwreck unit in New Orleans this past year.  They were on pace to be the worst defense of all time, yardage wise.  Not sure if they set that record.  Spags is hard to evaluate at this point.  You can’t erase his success with the Giants, but that was a long time ago.


Ryan – The numbers aren’t good.  He’s also never been the DC on a winning NFL team.  Rob has a big mouth and can be a distraction.  His units were sloppy and undisciplined for much of 2012.  Funny enough, there used to be a lot of hype around Rob Ryan.  Dallas turned out not to be the best spot for him.


Ray Horton – Many fans wanted Horton.  Ray is a good coach, but let’s get the facts straight.  He isn’t the guru that his hype would lead you to believe.  The Cardinals were 18th in yards allowed in 2011 and 12th this year.  They were 17th in scoring defense both years.  The Cards did finish 4th in takeaways this season (special shout out to Mike Vick).  Horton might turn out to be a great coach.  Right now he’s a good coach coming off a so-so year and a pretty good year.

Crazy stat of the day…Ray Horton as DC has worse numbers than Juan Castillo.  Ray had 346 yds and 22 pts per game.  Juan is at 327 yds and 21 pts per game.

Here’s the tricky part with Ray.  Let’s say he does put a great defense on the field in 2013.  Chances are he’ll be a HC in 2014.  Ray desperately wants to be a HC.  Do you hire a guy that is going crazy to move on?  Some might argue yes, take the better coach and the risk.  This is where you have to understand how Chip Kelly is thinking.  He might prefer guys that he can keep together for at least 3 years, that way he’s got a more realistic chance to compete for a Super Bowl.

If I had to pick Horton or Davis to coach a game to save Megan Fox’s life, I’m taking Horton.  Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple an argument as that.  As we saw in recent years. Staff stability and cohesiveness are huge factors.  For those reasons, passing on Horton may have been wise.


Todd Bowles – It won’t surprise me if Todd turns out to be a really good coach down the road, but we couldn’t bring him back after the dysfunctional 2012 season.  I don’t blame him for the bizarre situation, but we had to clean house.  He’s now running the show in Arizona.  Will be interesting to see what he does with the unit that Horton left him.


Bob Sutton – The least known of the DCs this offseason.  He’ll run the defense for Andy Reid in KC.  Sutton was the Jets DC for 3 years prior to Rex Ryan’s arrival.  Sutton stayed on as LBs coach after Rex took over.  Sutton posted pedestrian results as DC.  He is a veteran coach with experience in college and the NFL.  Sutton is older (62), but has tons of experience.  There isn’t much bad to say about Sutton, but he’s also not a compelling DC.


Mike Pettine – Good assistant coach.  Was the DC for the Jets, but that was really Rex Ryan running the show.  Pettine left in part to show what he could do on his own.  He’s unknown as a DC.  Might turn out to be a great hire for the Bills, but could also crash and burn.  Rex was the key to the Jets defensive success in recent years.  I’m really curious to see how Mike does.


Ted Monachino – Staying put in Baltimore.  Good coach, but doesn’t have DC experience.  That was a huge deal for me.  I didn’t want a young coach who was going to be learning on the job.  We needed someone with experience.


Bob Babich – Another good positional coach.  Ran the Bears defense from 2007-09. The Bears were a mediocre to bad defense in those years.  The team thrived under Ron Rivera before him and under Rod Marinelli after him.  That doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Babich.  He’s now working with Gus Bradley in JAX.  I’ll definitely take Davis over Babich.


Dan Quinn – Bradley’s replacement in Seattle.  Veteran DL coach with limited DC experience.  Ran the Florida defense the last 2 years.  Might thrive with help from Pete Carroll, but I’d be nervous about a guy like him working for an offensive HC.


**** Jauron – Ran the Browns defense the last 2 years.  In 2011 they were very good, but could not come up with takeaways.  This year they struggled to stop people but had a lot of takeaways (special shout out to Michael Vick).  Go figure.  Veteran coach,  but his teams have been the definition of mediocrity.  I’ll pass.  Might get the DC job with the Rams.


Monte Kiffin – Seeing Monte at the Senior Bowl was awkward.  The man is 72 and it shows.  Did great, great things in Tampa, but was basically fired by his son last month.  The Trojans finished 60th in yards allowed.  Watch him walk around and it is hard to figure out how he’s supposed to lead a bunch of guys age 20-35 on the football field.  I don’t know what to think of Monte anymore.  He’s now in Dallas and I have no idea what to expect.  Won’t shock me to see this end up as a disaster.


Mel Tucker – Similar to Billy Davis.  Tucker has been a DC for 5 years.  4 are bad.  Didn’t exactly have great players to work with.  Has a good reputation around the league.  Were the issues on him or the talent?  He’s now taking over as the Bears DC.  Another coach I’m real curious about.  Going to Chicago might do him a world of good.  Jacksonville hasn’t exactly been a factory of greatness in recent years.


Eric Mangini – His reputation is that of a guru.  The numbers don’t back that up at all.  He thrived as an assistant for Bill Belichick, but the perception that he’s a terrific defensive coach doesn’t mesh with reality.

* * * * *

When you look at the overall group of candidates, you can see there weren’t a bunch of guys that made you say “Oh, go hire him right now!”.  It just wasn’t that kind of year.

I’m sure some of you will have favorite candidates in that group.  I didn’t and that’s why I stayed so quiet in the DC search.  The one guy I wanted was Rex Ryan, but the Jets never fired him.  There were others who interested me, but all of these guys have flaws.

I do trust Chip Kelly.  Davis likely wasn’t his first choice, but Chip knows that he needs the right coach on defense if the Eagles are going to win and he’s going to succeed.  If Chip is willing to take a chance on Davis, I’ll buy in.

I’ll write more on Davis later.  There is lots of research to be done.

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