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For Sale:
VNDS -- Size 10.5 -- 2008 Nike Wildedge Gortex

Will Ship To: United States

*My pics never lie. Use your own grading system. These are clean. Worn only TWICE. Gortex. Waterproof. NO original insoles.*

NTer for over 12 years. Refs out the ying yang (although most of those dudes have gone fraud, but that's another story, lol).

Legit as they come -- never an issue.

PLEASE use e-mail: for immediate response if serious. NT inbox message will be delayed.

Paypal ONLY. MY COMMUNICATION IS ON POINT - ASK ABOUT ME! Prices include all fees (if you are on West Coast, add $5 to cover additional shipping cost) / if you demand signature required, add 2.50).

Due to potential fraudulent activity, I will ship shoes 24 hours after paypal payment is sent, NOT immediately like I used to.

No exceptions... My customer service, reputation, communication, and my name is my pride, and all I have!