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Bred 1  

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What would be a sensible price to pay for 2001 bred 1s??
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Theres nothing sensible about buying bred 1's from 2001, they retailed at 79.99, your lucky to find a pair for less than 400. For DS people want 600-700,  Banned 1s go for a couple racks,  DMP 1's is your best bet, although they have a jumpman on the tongue and back panel of the shoe, they go for around 250-350

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DMP's = best for your pocket but worse for your foot ..things were quite uncomfortable

01's are nice but i think the banneds are better(a lot of people would disagree but thats what I think)

ive NEVER seen banneds for for a "couple racks" they are really in the $700-$900 range

clowns who price them on fleabay at $1000+ relist the same pairs WEEKLY because they wont move at the stupid price
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