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pretty decent episode. much better than last week's.
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Very solid episode tonight. The situation with the mom and daughters boyfriend caught me off guard.
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New episodes again starting tonight. :hat

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Originally Posted by Mr Cashfl0w View Post

Guess Harrison bit that bullet. Columbus Short just released this statement

This hurts me right now, last year I could give a damn about what this dude was doing. Now I'm mad he let his personal **** affect his career. I really wanted to learn more about Harrison's character.

Originally Posted by nawghtyhare View Post

bruh's what the **** have i been missing
im 3 episodes in on netflix and this show is pimp.gif
maaaaaaan i love missing out on a show and then binge watching it

Fam I literally just watched this series on Netflix from Sunday straight to Tuesday b/c I was bored and off from work. My response was just like yours. I always heard people mention it but never had any interest in at all mean.gif at me. This show is crack. Haven't seen any of season 4 yet but look forward to catching up.

Originally Posted by GetHigh420 View Post

The first lady can get it, I don't care what anyone says.

After that shower scene when Fitz shut her down, and seeing how she get down with VP candidate smokin.gif
Originally Posted by nawghtyhare View Post

wait a minute
hold the **** up
is huck my ***** from half baked????????

and Weeds............................question about Huck's character. If Guerlermo decides he wants to be healthy and workout is he allowed to? Or is like a baywatch contract where the actors had to stay fit, but for huck he has to always look disheveled and unhealthy?

Originally Posted by nawghtyhare View Post

is that black security guard that stops everybody at the white house benny boom????
dude looks just like him

He is Theo's best friend from The Cosby Show. If you rememberthe ugly black dude with the glasses, he is the other one.
Originally Posted by nightruans View Post

Been waiting for Quinn to smashed, I like her size. Now they have this killing thing in common smokin.gif
Originally Posted by nawghtyhare View Post

BRUH'S I'm all in my feels
Just finished the episode where they tell the story of huck and his fam
And why he left em frown.gif

Dude didn't leave ****..............................................They Liam Neesoned his ***
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Damn this show sucks now. Just end it man
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Olivia's dad be playing chess while them other dudes is playing checkers
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I'm 6 or 7 episodes behind right not.


Minus whale wait til after the season finale next week to catch up on this season.

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That ***** fits is sooo damn ***** made
All that **** he put my bae Melly through
And he trippin off that juror thing
She got raped by his dad for gods sake
He a straight hypocrite and sucka
And Olivia maaaaan I hate how they got a black woman being a white dudes side piece
For as smart as they make her seem she so damn dumb
But damn Kelly Washington lips are sexy as ****
And Melly booty chin is pimp.gif
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Really liking this episode so far. All the people that annoy me with the pretentiousness are getting humbled.
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