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^It was all the hope and glimmer in his eye. Him smiling like that was crazy.I'm pretty sure Nathan could play an intense serial killer.

As for this ep, when he tried to slip the lady running the little league a $5 roll.gif

The "teen actor" roll.gif Son keeps saying internet.

This dude brings in a stripper cop like I missed a whole other backstory that went on laugh.gif

roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif The offensive Chinese dragon! Oh how I was wishing it was Nathan in the front with the dragon head laugh.gif Tears is streaming now laugh.gif

This dude Nathan a straight up con man laugh.gifroll.gif

roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif @ spitting that bird/chicken/peacock **** out your mouth.

Incredibly awkward ending.
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This episode so far laugh.gif
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Steady tears yo roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif

Nathan stay conning ppl with the hidden clauses in his contracts. How he got that lawyer he asked for advice laugh.gifroll.gif Son really leapt across that table eek.gif

This dude Nathan is low-key a heel in rarest form. The Who are you attracted to HR part. He really may be a wizard of loneliness taking advantage of his show.

"Straight body building forum" roll.gif
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The lawyer part was eek.gifroll.gif

So happy it got renewed for a third season.

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Lakers Raiders Dodgers Chelsea 


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Leaping over the lawyer's desk was the best moment.. because the lawyer was so pissed laugh.gif

Then showing him joking about not reading a contract while he was signing it roll.gif
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I was with him on the whole conning kids and you're a baby if you don't have the toy until they brought in Santa and made the children feel bad mean.giflaugh.gif

That commercial though roll.gif Somebody really gonna say he can't lie in a children's toy commercial ad? mean.gifeyes.gif

roll.gif @ that parting bobble head gift.

roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif This dude Nathan is insane in the movie theater. No sharing?! Where does he come up with this ****. Sniffing ppl's hands while they try to watch a movie laugh.gif

Dude casually talking about the town while pretending to fap laugh.gif

laugh.gif @ Simon constantly wanting to talk about being distracted by breasts and the boss not caring.

eek.gifroll.gif I'm dead @ the Popcorn sharers and Masturbators board. Great season finale
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LOL @ Simon Sees

He seriously explained every mundane detail of his already boring day laugh.gif
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I was cringing when he made those kids feel bad laugh.gif just awful.. that little girl in the middle who reached out for it. Then the girl talking about her bully at school laugh.gif oh man.

Every single detail of that dude's morning.. including his hot pocket method roll.gif

This show is brilliant.
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EVERYONE has tried that Hot Pocket method btw
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season 3 premiere episode laugh.gifroll.gif
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Those ppl's reactions to the alligator roll.gif

It was a good plan though. **** Best Buy. Can't even stick to their word.

I bet Nathan tries to get with that chick again.

I love how he goes to the judge for advice to get around this legal stuff, realizes he can't get these ppl to lie under oath or be believable when the best evidence that this was a set up was the Nathan's on show and the cameras following him around laugh.gifmean.gif
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The guy in the tux crawling through the little door laugh.gif
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This show is genius.roll.gif
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even thought the it was a happy ending for this first episode....

I still felt, somehow, uneasy laugh.gif
Don't forget your roots
Don't forget your roots
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First episode was gold laugh.gif
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Nathan gets interviewed by an AV Club writer's mom who said she didn't like the show or him on a podcast:
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Yo I was roll.gif at the end. 3:25 mark
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Summit Ice jackets... Deny nothing. roll.gifroll.gifroll.gif
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That horse ride helium balloon thing seems like something a fat rich person would use laugh.gif

Then Nathan is light weight mocking the holocaust laugh.gif Jews sure can laugh at themselves.

Damn near offensive with that display. Holocaust garb with the jackets over them, an oven with a skeleton in it? laugh.gif I wonder if that dude advising Nathan was real laugh.gif

Nathan is such an uncomfortable dude roll.gif It's to the point where I could watch a whole other show with Nathan being socially awkward with ppl for a hr laugh.gif Missionary, bareback, have to pull out roll.gif
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Originally Posted by SenorRoboto2k5 View Post

Summit Ice jackets... Deny nothing. roll.gifroll.gifroll.gif

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white breath of god..:lol










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The gym disguise.roll.gif

This dude is a master of awkwardness.
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Legit had to pause the show to continue chewing my food laugh.gif
First 2 episodes of season 3 were very well made .
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That he got so many news outlets to have that guy on lying about never working out at a gym though laugh.gif

I also like how as awkward as Nathan is he somehow seems to find himself in the company of the weirdest ppl. That P.I. talking about being in some Penthouse magazine, arguing whether it was porn or not. No penetration roll.gif

Catching dude in the lie about the storage unit gym.

The bro cave in the clothing store, constantly talking about sex in such an awkward way roll.gifroll.gif

I was laughing so hard at this whole thing. Especially that he was smart enough to get this black guy to write the book and then have the guy talking about he was childhood friends with Steve Jobs and talk about his charity with "jungle children" and talking about how one got eaten roll.gif I was dead at that point.
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Finally caught up with the season..


I was almost crying when the spokesman said the jungle kid was kidnapped by baboons :rollin

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That ep was CREEPY! roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifmean.gif

First dude Nathan is in all of these shady looks scouting out children, approaching them and their parents in parking lots laugh.gif

This age progression rendering artist has to be a pedo. Son is just ps'ing a child's face on grown in shape ppl's bodies talking about he's 90% sure this is how it'll be. Them pics were something out of a scary movie laugh.gif Nathan must've found somebody who was the worst at that.

Then he made the boy a girl roll.gif SON!

Bringing in Santa to crush this kid's dreams roll.gifmean.gif Everybody hates astronauts laugh.gif Family died in space roll.gif Astronauts are discriminated against like black ppl were laugh.gif

The brothers and the 3somes laugh.gif Nathan ******** on her antiques laugh.gif

roll.gif @ the unnecessary super complicated suction and refilling device in his jacket.

This dude Nathan might be a sociopath.
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Dude, this show really is brilliant. Nathan is a master of awkwardness. Show is so cringeworthy in a good way.
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Last episode was a classic in my book WOW laugh.gif
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