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Yes sir Brooklyn College has a wonderful campus..we gota a little pond sumwere in there too!!

Ill take a pic on Thursday if I get a chance

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Maybe how its cropped or something but its dope, good stuff John.
You are working your camera. I need to start taking pics again

thanks man. yeah, there was a little too much foreground in the OG pic so cropped it a little. i've just been taking pics of my kids at their events/activities....i musta took like 200 pics at my son's soccer game that day....i borrowed my brother's 18-135mm lens so i can zoom in's a pretty good lens actually.

but same here man....i need to get out and take some random shots of things and people. just hard with work and kids.
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Yo, Ebayologist, is your boy Mike from Yonkers Mike Ambroselli by any chance? He looks mad familiar to me.

:lol:lol yeah... I take it you know him?
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Pic of my dog
Visited the zoo (Lory Birds and Butterflies)
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i'm bored, here are some pictures from my flicker account.
a sciolistic point of view...
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first time posting in here, any feedback is welcomed

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color slides? really? that's gotta be photoshop, right? if thats real that's gotta be the crappest dirtest camera ever, but props... if thats photoshop, you're certainly good at photoshop to say the least...
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You guys are unreal with these photos you all take.
AirJordans4life...Your kids are to cute man...your daughter is beautiful. Props on your pics.

I'm very new to this...I've had my camera for less than a week. Went to the local park today and just snapped a few pics. Any help would be appreciated.

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you saying its a crappy, dirty camera excites me because that's sort of the thing im going for. it's a technique called "through the viewfinder" where you shoot(in macro) through the viewfinder of an old camera, such as a Kodak Duaflex II (which is what i use). All i do after i upload is crop and straighten them in iphoto, maybe increase saturation, since outdoor pictures tend to look washed out. I did however use PS on the one of the kitchen with the greenish tint. anyway, here the flickr pool if you want to look at more examples
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Yes sir Brooklyn College has a wonderful campus..we gota a little pond sumwere in there too!!

:lol The pond is nice, but I never sit there. Everyone that sits by the pond is very serious about their reading and their quiet time. I always feel like a menace there even if I'm not being loud.
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boracay?! i was here early 07. its soo nice during sunset. i got pics from it but its on my other hard drive


Yeup, that's Boracay. That's also one of my favorite pics. I've been lucky enough to spend the last three New Years in Bora, which is just an amazing time to be on that island. Sadly, this will be my first year in the states no enjoying those white sand beaches. What a shame...

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you saying its a crappy, dirty camera excites me because that's sort of the thing im going for. it's a technique called "through the viewfinder" where you shoot(in macro) through the viewfinder of an old camera, such as a Kodak Duaflex II (which is what i use). All i do after i upload is crop and straighten them in iphoto, maybe increase saturation, since outdoor pictures tend to look washed out. I did however use PS on the one of the kitchen with the greenish tint. anyway, here the flickr pool if you want to look at more examples

I've said this more than once but I firmly believe the camera doesnt make the man. You can take great photographes with any camera just a matter of how you go about it. But let me get this straight you're shooting digital thru the viewfinder of a TLR? that's wild if so... I've never heard of doing that. I at first thought they had to be slides because of the saturation of color. But thats definately an interesting effect. Never would have thought it was that...

But is there a particular reason you don't just buy slide film and shoot it with the TLR to begin with? I guess it adds a step in getting the film developed and scanning the film but still you could still get that aesthetic but a far more refined quality... Either way though thats interesting...
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@ Matte Paint... neat (check your flickr as I dropped you a line)... I appreciate you sharing this information though.

Did a quick Google search and found a Flickr group name "Through The Viewfinder " where they discuss the technique...

"Through the Viewfinder photography is defined as taking a picture of any subject through the viewfinder of any camera with another camera." (I know its pretty much what you already said but I seem to understand it more when I read this description too... dunno why lol)

Cant wait to try it!

Anyways - here are a few pics I snapped over the weekend with this "new" Powershot G5 I recently obtained last week...




I went to the US Botanic and took a few flower macros (which I know are boring and typical but thats most of the pics Ive taken so far)... but its for practice and to learn the settings on the camera. I will share more often probably now that I have this camera.
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I've been looking at this TTV technique and its really wild. I've never heard of anyone doing it. I understand the aesthetic completely I mean shoot exclusively square format. And I use to actually use a TLR, a yashicamat with 120 film. But really why don't these people just use the actual TLR camera's with slide film? I you'd get the same like saturation of color, far better contrast range. Because while you can simulate film with digital. Digital will never rival film for contrast range, just a plain and simple fact. I mean part of me likes this idea, that it's sort of this personally set limitation by the device and its effective use kind of like people who use Polaroid camera's but different idea, but another part of me feels like its raping film cameras for some aesthetic value and antiquated style that doesnt exist with purely digital... Like with some of those TLR's they shoot like 620 and I've only seen 620 film in few places and it was ridiculously expensive but 220, 120, and even 70mm are reasonably wildly availble films in both color and b/w and slide and negative and even daylight and tungsten balanced film. But end of the day more power to you and I'm glad you showed it atleast, it's definately something different for sure...
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She scares me sometimes. I never know what she's up to.

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J PayCheck
8o8o didn't get your message/comment on flickr? if you have an account, hit me with an add request or whatever though!

so, i think the duaflex 2 i have uses 620. I just saw a Brownie Starflex at like Goodwill or something, looked to be in the original box and had the flash with it, for 25$(worthwhile investment?). it uses 127 film, i think. is it that film easy to get? (if so, where?). 8o
im not that that camera saavy when it comes to film and all that, so any help would be appreciated. the good thing about the through the viewfinder is that all you need is a camera, so even if the film doesnt wind or the shutter doesnt work, you can still get use out of a camera.

anyway, here is the one my favorite pictures that i've ever take, could probably stand to be cropped:
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it uses 127 film, i think. is it that film easy to get?

No, as far as medium format the only really widely available film is 120 and 220. I've seen 620 but it was past the experation and $12 a roll. 70mm I've also seen but it was real expensive (don't remember the exact cost). All the rest of the other random sizes I'm sure are virtually if not really impossible to get these days....

But you should be able to get a functioning TLR for maybe at the least $50 and for one with a built in light meter (if it didnt have one built in you'd need to buy one) for maybe $120 or more... Like Yashica or Rolleiflex are the best and TLR which is the best/cheapest way to shoot medium format because Holgas and Dianas are horrid like just plain not good cameras. But like the pump fake TLRs like Seagulls or Kodaks aren't really that great as far as lens quality.

Also do you focus the TLR's lens because wouldn't you be changing the focal distance and totally distorting the focus or no?
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whoa, nice

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What's a good camera for about $300? I just want to be able to take clear pictures.
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Hey guys please help...I have a Nikon d40x I bought a week and half ago. I'm going to a concert tomorrow night and I wanna take some pics. It's not an arena or anything that big. It's just a music hall. He is an independent artist just to give you an idea that the place is not huge but its also not a hole in the wall bar either. Any certain settings you guys think would work the best? I'm still trying to figure the camera out so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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i didnt take this but i was with my friend when he took it i touched it up but props to RY9
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SPOOSMAN i would just open up the lens i.e. just use lower f-stops. Since you're going to be handholding the camera and I assume the musician is going to be moving atleast somewhat I would stay with a shutter speed of 1/125 or faster. If need be raise the iso but that should a last resort. Also if you have an external flash you could probably bounce the flash off the ceiling and get some nice shots but if its just the on camera flash I would still use it but it's not going to be as effective as an external one...

CzdaDegrees that picture is nice. something odd about it I can't quite put my finger on, but still nice nonetheless...
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what up y'all...I just got into photography, like last week boy's dad gave me a Minolta Maxxum 50 to use for are some of the pictures that I took, mind you I didn't know ANYTHING about shutter speed, f stops, or anything at the time, but have been reading up on some stuff...ebayologist, whoever else, PLEASE give me tips and stuff, much appreciated. btw the film I used was ISO 800 I believe, black and white.











all feedback appreciated...criticize it as much as possible, constructively though, of course laugh.gif don't just say it sucks. thanks!
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The Black James Bond First thing I would say is nice for out the gate first try thats nice stuff. But just in general I would use lower iso film for everthing you have other than probably the night outdoor shots. Also I would meter for the shadows, I take your scanning the film there might be issues there too but your contrast range is kind of harsh you don't have a lot of shadow detail, which maybe in part to the high iso aswell but nonetheless you should have more shadow detail than what you do. Also they're all pretty much too dark... You also have focus issues I would just learn how to manual focus if you aren't just from the camera I and vague idea of what it might be I'm guess its an AF zoom lens I would definately manual some of the shots aren't really sharp and focus right and that adds to the exposure issues. Also you don't play with depth of focus, don't go overboard with it but if you control it use it when the situation suits it I think there are any number of those photos that could be helped by playing with depth of focus. Also that date thing showing up is brutality..

1. I don't think you need a flash and if you feel you do I would bounce it. The contrast range (which is highly important in b/w) is super ehh... mostly as a result of the flash. Also it's cropped too tight on the subject or not tight enough. you can't ride the fence of close up or bust portrait...

2. Your anchor is too tight on the right, feels cut off instead of anchored with that pillar or wall or whatever that is... Also you have no shadow detail which may be any number of things from hosting to scaning, to shooting, my immediate guess is shooting that you didn't meter the light for the shadow...

3. Awkward framing on right and bottom, also samething about shadow detail...

4. Strangely composed you get the sign but cutoff the door... the angle is very awkward.

5. You can't use a flash on that shot or as one lacking power or dispersion of that one. it fills the foreground alittle harshly and then is not existent in the middle or background. Also feels strange on the composition like too tight and the contrast is really harsh for a picture like that.

6. Compositional suffers from the same problems as 5. You try to get angles and perspective by simple changing the angle of the camera up or down sometimes you physically have to move up or down.

7. Way too dark. most if not all of them are on the dark side of things but 7 is a bit much with the value/constrast. Also same composition/perspective issues of 5 and 6.

8. Cropped way too tight sorta like 5-7 but much worse, the sign means little without referential information I mean what are we suppose to take from just a street sign (I mean I know broad st. is big street in Philly but still) give us the street and focus on the sign...

9. Probably the best of the bunch... To dark but far and away the best composition. It's not perfect, but its alright... alittle loose maybe and too dark say a whole lot more...

10. Suffers from same composition issues as 5-7 and contrast issues that I can quite figure out, ever thing is just harsh...

11. Its the best exposure far and away still a lack of shadow detail. And I'm not sold on the composition but its not particularly bad...

B/W film isn't hard it just takes getting use to. Once you get it it's easy. I would shoot like Kodak Tri-X 320 or 400 iso. unless you shoot at night then maybe the 800 but your biggest problem is the contrast being to harsh and dark and a lack of shadow detail
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i need peoples opinions

is this camera a good deal? $200 bucks and 10. mega pixels

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sounds good for 10 mp, but still look at the features list and make sure that lines up with your needs and wants.
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been doing a lot of research about dSLRs and I'm getting really close to buying one...
if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated...
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