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country strength vs gym strength

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colin cowherd was talking about this the other day when trying to make a point

that under the right circumstances brett favre at 42 can start over quarterbacks

like blaine gabbert because country strength never goes away


whenever dudes get swole at the gym then stop going for a month 

they lift significantly less but my dad benched 225 the other day at 57


he not ripped , he look like the cuban zach randolph


who btw is from the country and tossed mr popcorn muscles

himself around blake griffin around in the playoffs



why does gym strength usually fade faster than country strength?


and why when the two come head to head its


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Some people are just naturally strong while others need to hit the weight room every day to see results.
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Basically...Look @ Herschel Walker

Physically he could probably still play in the NFL today @ 49

Don't think he's ever lifted a weight in his life....his workout is like 1500 pushups and 3500 situps a day sick.gif
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Originally Posted by JJ Watt View Post

Random Blake shot roll.gif

Buy it's common sense.

Country strength is genetic, your always gonna have that.

Gym strength is artificial, as soon as you don't maintain it's gone.


most people that have played pickup basketball have played against that

one dude that aint never lift a single weight but its like running into a wall when you

go for the rebound in the post :lol

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I have never thought of this. This makes sense. I came in here thinking about a farmer going up agains a body builder kinda thing.
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well most of those guys probably still work out. If favre sat around like a couch potato he wouldn't be able to cut his toenails after a while not to mention play in the nfl.
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I thnks its mostly due to the fact that country strength is built up over long periods of time using muscle groups that actually coincide with the bodies natural movements. Whereas the body building types are working muscle groups that are most aesthetically pleasing. This obviously doesn't hold true for everyone but what the hell do I know? This beer drinking isn't resulting in either.

Brb hitting the gym then plowing my fields.
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lol at country

what happen to natural strength
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Crackhead strength > Old Man Strength > Country Strength > Lifting
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HGH strength FTW..

naw, jk....but yeah...ill be struggling with 225 and some dude with zero definition whatsoever, 6'2 210 just hops on and warms up with 2 wheels on each side, tossin it up like a rag doll.
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What an intelligent and well thought out topic!






The term Country Strength incurs the ability to utilize momentum efficiently, and that is all it really means. These are people who understand gaining leverage, and yes, once you learn how to use that leverage, then creating momentum, while also controlling the forces created through that effort, you never lose that ability due to applied technique, which is called adaptation. People who work on farms, and those also living in rural areas that require manual labor, learn these techniques early on in life.


Vincent Bo Jackson is the perfect example of such an individual.

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Those guys who worked on the farm most of their lives must be strong as hell. Someone like matt hughes who ate country breakfast every morning and also lifted weights was very strong.

Surprised I didn't see retard strength in here. Probably because it's not very p.c. and it's a silly concept.
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