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Most comfortable sneaker for playing basketball

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I know that this highly depends on your foot structure and preference, but I was wondering if there are some popular models that are known to be comfortable for basketball.


I'm also not sure if this is the proper section now that the Sneaker Review subthread is closed to new posts.


Anyways, I previously played in Air Jordan XX2, Kobe V's and now KD V's but I have been playing alot more often, so I am looking to pick up another model although I do like my KD V's. 


I have heard alot about many different models, but surprisingly I did not like my Kobe V's that much maybe because it didn't fit my foot well, but I remember a while back when I tried the LeBron IV's I found them extremely comfortable. 


So, what basketball shoe in recent years have you found the most comfortable yet solid for performance as well? Is it something newer like the Lebron XI's or something more classic like Kobe III's? Jordans?

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I haven't bought new basketball shoes since the Lebron 4. I haven't had to. They've held up. I play mostly indoor though, so there's not much wear on them. The comfort level on them is amazing. I've been told that the Lebron 10 are more comfortable, but I'm not with spending that much. I got my Lebron 4 in the black/white/red for $75 way way back. Best $75 I've spent.
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Idk if this helps, but I recently got the Jordan Super.Fly 2 for my rec league. The unlocked zoom air in the forefront is so dope. I have read a lot of people saying the soles break/crack, but I have seen these in a lot of other shoes as well. The shoes are insanely comfortable as well. To be fair, I have only played in 2 games thus far, but I really can't say anything bad. Each time I put them on, I literally feel like I am walking on heaven.


If I had to make another suggestion, I also recently grabbed the Hyperdunk 2013's and they are also incredibly comfortable. I haven't played in them yet, just use them for my workouts/running, but plan to use them for just random games at the gym. The only downfall I find with the Hyperdunks is that the ankle support is almost too high. As weird as it sounds, it has a really nice low to the ground feel and the Lunarlon is a great feeling on the forefront and heel at least while running a mile or two, but almost feel it is too low to the ground. I am just used to the zoom air in the forefront and/or heel which gives a bit more height to the ground.


If I had to pick, just for hooping in itself, I will have to pick the Super.Fly 2. I feel it has way better comfort, but definitely try them first. There is not zoom air/heel lock down, but I feel like it is not even needed. I rocked the Hyperfuse 2011 for the past year and a half or so and soon as I tried on the SF2, I was initially hooked. Hope this helps and you get to try the newest kicks from Team Jordan!

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rose 3, lebron 8
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Any Lebrons should work great

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I've been hoopin in the XX8s lately. Currently my favorite shoe for the court... [indoor courts] 

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Recently been balling in Lebron 12's, Lebron 11's and BRED 11's. I find the Lebron 12's to be the most comfortable, though I only play with high tops.


A lot of the more "guard-ish" players at my gym swear by the Kobe lows and the Kyries.


I'd def go to the store and try different models out.

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Lebron 10, I like the whole air max sole, and its not too high and comfortable around the ankles.

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personally LeBron X, CP3 7, Hyperdunk 2014 or KD 6

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I think KD5 trey is good one for outdoor training , especially a New KD trey 5 is leaked in china or maybe vietnam im not sure - this new kd
relate to Big Chucky
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Hey just doing abit of research about customization and was wondering if you all wouldn't mind answering a few questions for me?


  1. What meanings do you attach to your personalised Nike ID shoes?

2. Do personalised products add any value to your lives?

3. Do personalised products play a role within you life? For example have you bought a loved one shoes for a specific reason i.e. to propose?


    I would really appreciate it if you could answer these in as much detail :)

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Hey, for 1: it make them feel more unique, and as a result they become a personal and individual item that I feel good about wearing

for 2: yeah, I guess it makes me feel like I'm not just one of the crowd, that this item is specifically for me or about me which feels good

for 3: yeah, I find that if I give someone a personalised gift, it feels more special than just a generic thing


Hope that helps :Nthat

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Been playing with the hight top kobes recently. pretty comfortable but a little tight on the heel

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If u want take one of mine new kdtrey5 , i live in vietnam , inbox me if you like, we can make deal.
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Sz 14, narrow foot. ---> Nike Air Bakin' ...had the all black patent leather ones.. wore them this past season overseas in the BBL and EBL... a lot of support, especially in the heels and ankles. Not a heavy shoe, but definitely not light. Very comfortable tho. Jordans I love to play in: 10s, 12s, 15s, 8s, and the best of ALL: the 20s (perfect traction, suprisingly great ankle support when you strap the strap on correctly). But also when I think about it.... Dont sleep on the 19s either.. ESP THE SE versions. might be a tie with the 20s. Haven't tried any jordan shoe out past #20 so i cant vouch above that.. but I do want to know what the XX8 and XX9s are hittin on..very curious

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Huarache 2K4's the most recent retro's upper tear easily so I try and go for the originals but hands down the greatest basketball sneakers ive ever hooped in next would be 2K5 and then the Hyperdunk 2012, as far as Jordans I liked balling in the Nubuck XII's  Flint XIII's and the Aqua 8s all super comfortable breath ability could be better but they hold up nicely 

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My present favorites are the ones in my avatar: Kobe IX low, Kobe X "Pain", and Kobe X Elite "Kutulu Rising" NikeiDs.  I'm presently 5'10" and weigh 222.  I play different positions depending on who we play against.  Sometimes I'm down low as the "muscle" and other times I'm up high as a PG/G.  I cut a lot and roll a lot.  Previously, I was using some Hyperrev 2015s but the fact that the top moves around like a sock really jacked up my small toes to the point where they got black and blue.  It wasn't pretty.  I'm a lot heavier than when I used to play over two decades ago so I need shoes that can help support me (cushion) but allow me some good control because I can't stop as quick as I used to.  Think of a freight train versus a Fiat 500; more weight equals farther stopping distance and force.  Ha ha.


My needs may change (I hope) as I'm slimming down, but for now, those three styles are what are taking the abuse and allowing me to at least work with what I got. :D



Some background on me:  I played organized basketball from 1988 until 1993 and played with just about every Nike release, during that timeframe, because I went through shoes every 2-3 months; multiple pairs too.  I finally have time and started working on my game, this past February, and love playing.  It's a great workout and I love the competitiveness of the sport.

Size: 12 US or XL (Presto)

Current favorite model to hoop in: Kobe XI Elite Low (halfcourt)  /  Kobe A.D. (fullcourt)


Westcoast living for me.


Size: 12 US or XL (Presto)

Current favorite model to hoop in: Kobe XI Elite Low (halfcourt)  /  Kobe A.D. (fullcourt)


Westcoast living for me.

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Played in KD5 for the last year. Loved that shoe but they gave out. Just got some Kobe 9 Elite highs and they rub my toe and ankle wrong when I play which is a huge disappointment.
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I really like Lebron Soldiers or KD5. Hyperdunks are pretty good too if you don't want to spend too much money.

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