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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

I am not a big fan of Royal Oaks, they're beautiful but just not for me. Only one I'd consider is probably the 15202 but when I think about considering it, I think i'd still rather have a Patek 5711 over it.



I'm also not a huge fan or audemars..


but I love their simple royal oaks, like the 15202 (prefer the 41mm of the 15400 though).. but I'm not a big fan of chronographs or watches that are too busy.. but I do like the perpetual calendar.. and the nautilus chronograph (that and the white face Daytona are probably the only chronographs I like)

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I'm not a big fan of the gigantic ROOs. Like yourself, I'm partial to the 15202 (and 15000). My old self from a few years back, the one who wore a Breitling Super Avenger (sick.gif) would've loved the 42mm and 44mm ROOS. But I've slowly shifted away from larger watches and in fact I'm finding that even 40mm is too big for me these days.
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^ are you really small?
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I don't like overly big watches either.. But some watches wear smaller or bigger

I have the hulk submariner now which is 40mm.. I like the 41mm royal oak

Only really big watch I've considered and owned for a couple days is the 46mm superocean heritage.. But that wears smaller than it is

This was my first real watch, which is 36mm (had the IV instead of the IIII):

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Originally Posted by Super T1ght View Post

^ are you really small?

5'11, 165lbs. Not small, not big, but I do have small wrists and ankles.

I actually just sold my no-date Sub-C because it was just sitting there collecting dust. Really wish Rolex would make that watch in a 39. The weird thing is before I bought my Sub, I tried on the 38mm Explorer and thought it was tiny. Mind you that could be because it's thinner than the Submariner.
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You mean the 39mm Explorer? You sure it wasn't the 36mm you were trying on?

For me though, 40mm is the sweet spot, the current Submariner does wear bigger because of the squarer lugs (squarer in comparison to the old ones) even at 40mm but I still like how ti wears on me but it is max I could go. To be honest though, I didn't think a 36mm watch was going to work for me but the Rolex OP was just right. I guess it is more conservative? Not sure if that is the right word but it is just right for being less conspicuous even with it's blue sunburst dial. Sub and OP could be my 2-watch rotation for everyday wear.

The Daytona is just about perfect for me though, probably because it is actually smaller than advertised. Rolex claims it is 40mm but it measures ~38.5mm.

I do wish my wrist isn't as puny, it can get very limiting at times. I want to be able to wear a Panerai or an IWC Portuguese 7-day reserve or a Big Pilot.
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I just found this thread a week or 2 ago and have been reading through it from page 1.  Huge props to @JYabbz and @RFX45 and everyone else for all the knowledge they've dropped :hat


I've always admired high end watches from a distance but lately have really gotten the bug to buy one. Been reading online forums and for the first time went to a couple of AD's to try some on recently. 

Years ago I wanted a Breitling but over time (without doing research) for some reason I moved on from wanting a Breitling, thinking that the brand's reputation is for very gaudy/flashy, sometimes over-sized watches.   Now, I'm a big dude so I can pull off big watches but I still prefer something classy over flashy. Then a few years ago I saw a co-worker's Panerai and started falling for them. I'd spend my free time learning about Panerai's, admiring them on Instagram, and narrowing down the models to the ones I loved most.  So I was getting pretty close to setting my mind on a Panerai as my first high end watch and I went to the AD to try a couple on.  

This Pam422 is what I'm admiring (not my pic):



With more browsing forums and doing research, the other brand that caught my attention was Omega, and I went to an AD today to see how I liked maybe a Speedy or Seamaster. Unfortunately they didn't have any at that location. Instead, I tried on a Tag Carerra that was really nice but from my research I'm putting Tag as lower on my "want list" for that price point. This was the one I tried on that was really freakin nice (at $5.5K) :


The AD was a big Breitling guy and half their shop is Breitling. We checked out a few pieces...and wow.... I believe I've come full circle and got the bug for a Breitling again.  I was really loving a Navitimer on a leather strap and deployant buckle. It's 48mm which sounds massive but I'm 6'4" 225 and it really fit me well.  It's interesting though, on my wrist, it felt and looked incredible, but my first thought when I looked at pics online was "man, it's really busy, possibly too busy?"

Pretty sure it was this watch:


Anyways, long story short, I still definitely want a Pam...and now (again) a Breitling (although not sure what model). I think I will put buying a Rolex and Omega afterwards.


I'm open to saving money by buying pre-owned although I am concerned about fakes if buying from individuals.  I'm open to grey market or preowned from a retailer too. Thanks in large part to this thread and RFX45, I'm checking out Jomashop and DavidSW.  I saw the link to and I'd like to know other retail shops with online pre-owned sales... Any other tips for me on a pre-owned Breitling? 

For better or worse I'm definitely not an impulse buyer...I feel like I could buy something next week or next year :lol 

As far as price point, I'm more concerned about price in the sense I want to make sure I get a great deal/value - whether it's 3k, 6k, or a little more. I kind of would like to not go too close to 10k since I feel like this will be the first of a couple purchases....




(The other thing I didn't mention, and this is a whole other topic altogether, was I'm torn on telling my wife what I've been doing with my spare time :lol She likes nice things but definitely wouldn't understand or agree with entering this price point. On the flip side I make my own money, as does she, we keep separate bank accounts other than bills...I kind of want to make my decision without her, and see if or when she even notices, and deal with it then haha).

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Great post. Welcome to the thread

My wife supports my decisions to buy watches or jewelry. It has less to do with a financial situation but more so my interest in them. Worst case, she knows if we ever NEEDED to get money, Id part ways

I felt similar to you regarding Breitling years ago. Couldnt do it, but I'm 5'11" and 190 so it just didnt fit. Contemplated a Tag too but just didnt get my value/worth going enough

Settled on a Baum for my first and got a platinum wedding band with the savings

In the market for my second and will either be Omega or Rolex
...and the Golden State would never paper hate...
...and the Golden State would never paper hate...
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DO NOT drop over 5k for no damn Tag lol


For that price point you can get any of the other brands of watches you listed that are 100 times better.


Ive ordered from Jomashop and my coworker has multiple times with both of us having positive dealings with them.


Omegas are such a good deal its stupid, I would buy this today if I didn't have my Sub

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^ Yup, I hear you guys. Any thoughts on buying off of Crown & Caliber?
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need help finding good quality nato straps, can you bros steer me in the right direction.
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is cheapest nato straps a go?
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Cheapest Nato Straps is good


Crown & Buckle is also legit and I like they have discounts the more you order.

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@Big J 33 thanks, put in a order at natostrapco. seen good reviews on watchuseek.
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No problem, I saw it recommended there a lot too and I was really happy with the straps I bought from them.

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What are everyone's thoughts on Hamilton Khaki or Bulova?
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I prefer Hamilton. I purchased one last year and love it.
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I'll be putting some time pcs up for sale. Bought a new house and car. A hami and rolex sub. Pics coming later
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Was just gonna tell yall... I dodged a bullet this week... I made a decision on the Panerai that I want to buy and made a wanted post on WUS. And so it began... a guy contacted me, sending me pics of the watch I am looking for, and was posing as a legit user. He had references for past transactions, and was reputable/active on multiple watch forums. The part that threw me off was he only would accept a wire transfer. The deal was fair, not "too good", just right. His references were clean and I was really considering it. He even called me on the phone. A couple red flags were that he wouldnt accept paypal, even if I paid the fees. He said he only takes wire transfers if the watch is over 1k. I figured it was because the seller loses all protection, so if I was a fraud, I could put in a claim, win and keep the watch. But still that made me uncomfortable, because even though he had references, he is still a stranger. The other red flag was he said he was in the UK but through posts of the legit user he was posing as, that guy was in NY. I asked him about that, he said he travels. The fraud had email addresses with the same username as the legit user and was going by that name. Fortunately I looked up other posts on rolexforums and the legit user had his phone number posted on a for-sale ad. I called the guy and confirmed everything. 

So I dodged that bullet!! As a side note, I did find the exact Panerai I wanted on ebay and made a deal directly. I talked to him on the phone, paid thru paypal, and it should be here in a few days.:D 

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Good stuff. Thats a tough one. Glad you didn't get got.
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Gotta be real careful these days some of these scammers are pretty savvy.
"A battle of wits...with me? That's not what you want..."

#NTDENIM for life
"A battle of wits...with me? That's not what you want..."

#NTDENIM for life
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Don't think I could ever pay more than $1k on a watch that I wasnt able to see in person before buying.

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Originally Posted by Jayman View Post

What are everyone's thoughts on Hamilton Khaki or Bulova?

I prefer Hamilton as well.

Here's mine. Love it.

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I still like Hamilton and definitely see myself getting one down the line maybe a Khaki Field or Pilot.

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Originally Posted by illphillip View Post

I prefer Hamilton as well.

Here's mine. Love it.


how well does it keep time? was thinking of grabbing one as an everyday watch, great price point for an automatic movement

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Anyone in here have an Apple watch? Just wanted to hear some pros and cons of it and see why it jumps in price when it appears to just change bands. Can you just get a ~$500 one and switch it to the same band as a ~$1k one and its exactly the same or no?

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Originally Posted by BIGBOSS View Post

Anyone in here have an Apple watch? Just wanted to hear some pros and cons of it and see why it jumps in price when it appears to just change bands. Can you just get a ~$500 one and switch it to the same band as a ~$1k one and its exactly the same or no?

Got one...I like it. If you are looking for a revolutionary experience pass on it...if you are looking for a cool gadget that's basically an extension of your phone go for it. I opted for the sport version since I couldn't justify the higher price for the apple watch version after playing with both. The better materials are cool but not worth the price diff IMO, the functionality is exactly the same on both models. All the bands are interchangeable but the higher price metal bands don't look right with the sport version IMO.
"A battle of wits...with me? That's not what you want..."

#NTDENIM for life
"A battle of wits...with me? That's not what you want..."

#NTDENIM for life
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Just bought a Hamilton X wind automatic a week ago. It's my first time wearing it since I bought it. Also it's my first automatic watch. I noticed that it has stopped working so i gave it a little shake and the second hand started going but the date or time didn't change. Every time I don't wear it for a while, do I have to keep setting the time and date ?
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Yeah, it's only going to stay running for a couple days without wear. And the date won't change without the watch running.


If I wear it routinely, my Seiko 009 will still keep time for a day or two without wearing it, but if I go longer than that, I have to give it a shake and reset the date and time. Just part of owning an automatic.

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