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The Knick Official Thread Vol.1 CineMax Medical Drama Starring Clive Owen Directed by Steven Soderbergh Series Premiere 8/8/14 - Page 2

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I expect that X-Ray to be a HUGE issue next season. The dude had Barrow stand in front of it for an hour, then had the nurses do the same as well. roll.gif






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I thought that was unusual too but thought maybe that was how things were back then for the device to work.

Overexposure to radiation laugh.gifmean.gif When he said a hr I was like eek.gif damn that's long. It plays in to how ppl contact each other. Not everybody has a house phone, they had to send a nurse to get Thackery or somebody else, etc.
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Finally watched last week's ep. Showed how dumb and gullible people were.

Nurse Elkins' yambs must be so so sweet. Feel bad for my dude Bertie. He's been wanting her for a while.
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Swimming in yambs devil.gifpimp.gif

Algy smokin.gif

Thackery is def a fiend. Son was going in withdrawal and did some of his last batch of cocaine just to do a speech laugh.gifmean.gif Rick James aint never lied.

Then this hustler Barrow at the hospital laugh.gif Weak manipulation game mean.gif

roll.gif @ Typhoid Mary

Always thought she was a cutie but that sex appeal is growing on me especially when I see her in modern more revealing clothes

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Thackery turned Nurse Elkins into a coke sex fiend. Probably never had sex yet without getting cocaine pumped in her.

My dude Bertie is friendzoned unless Elkins wants to make Thackery jealous.

Cornelia has a cute pair of bitties. Her fiancé / future husband will be surprised when she pops out a black baby.
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Son this was the junkie episode. The struggle is REAL. This was every House withdrawal ep rolled in to one and it was so sad to see this. I just felt bad watching mean.gif Placebo effect aint work and he was pissed.

Son out here breaking in to pharmacies, son out here collecting empty coke bottles - cases of it mind you - draining it trying to extract cocaine from it laugh.gifmean.gif Begging salesmen like a fiend talking like he ready to get on his knees. He got Nurse Elkins selling herself to get him his fix mean.gif Aint that bad if a golden lotus is just her foot and he was fapping, guess that foot fetish is present in all centuries laugh.gifmean.gif Then she out here stealing cocaine like a dumb kid laugh.gif She kept saying what can I do to help and I guess she found something. Sheeeeit. This is like the story of a fiend and his enabler the way the ep ended with them banging like rabbits.

Feel bad for Algy too knowing the situation he in. He all in love thinking it's gonna be roses not considering the consequences. I mean that's your job if this comes out. Probably your dad's and your mom's job too. Possibly his life. Plus you know Cornelia is either getting disowned or that baby would've been done away with. I kept thinking he should just ask if this is over and that they should end it cuz if they keep having sex she'll just get pregnant again and have to abort again. She clearly aint rubbing the lysol on her cooch as a 20th century precaution.

A damn abortion on a dirty mattress though mean.gif

Feel bad for Everett too but I knew his crazy broken wife was gonna kill that kid. roll.gif @ John Hodgeman chloroforming her to the crazy house though.
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My man Algy killing me, what year does he think this is? mean.gif

Not to mention she's engaged as it is, he trying to get himself killed out here.

"Lets go to Europe, they're more accepting there" mean.gif

No words for Thackery and Elkins, they going to hell hand in hand. Thackery unraveling right in front of us, he been crossed that line between genius and madness.

Everett deserves what happened, if he would've listed to Algernon his daughter would still be alive and his wife would still have her sanity.
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Also WAY more people need to be watching show.
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Algy acting like he just saw Jungle Fever or something mean.gif When he said that I was like what?!

Yeah, show is criminally under watched. I hope it gets some award nominations for recognition. It being on Cinemax doesn't help since that channel aint known for it's high quality tv shows.

Hopefully, HBO replays the whole season when they don't got no new shows to premiere.
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boardwalk empire been kinda slow this season
Homeland is headed in gawd knows what direction but this show right here

This show delivers on a weekly basis pimp.gif
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This finale pimp.gif

Hodgeman is a mad man mean.gifsick.gif Pulling teeth, his own children. Son could play a real scary serial killer.

Gotta say it must suck for Thack. I can imagine how it feels to be thinking you're having a breakthrough and then be completely wrong and someone else finds the right way. That's hours upon days upon weeks of wasted time or even worse have a completely wrong theory but your procedure was correct so it working to you confirms your wrong theory sick.gif Makes it even worse he's coming off of withdrawal but back on the horse. This whole crazy obsession with Zinberg he's made to motivate him is wild. Now he killing patients with this enabling nurse mean.gif That spiral is sick.

Thought Bertie was gonna grow a backbone and stop simping for a sec the way he barked on her but I think he made it worse by bringing his father laugh.gif

I like this dude Algy man laugh.gif Son was simping and now he drowning his sorrows in a beating. How you just choose the biggest dude in the bar? smokin.gifsick.giflaugh.gif

Everett needs to just divorce this crazy chick and move on. Pay her crazy house bills but find a new chick.

Barrow a damn liar talking about it's Thack in debt but Ping win no joke. Son put in that work laugh.gifpimp.gif Then he turned the tables on dude.

Now they moving the Knick mean.gif Bet they put Algy in charge for the mean time. Thack gonna lose his standing though. Don't know about these early 1900s rehab clinics though laugh.gif They weening him off cocaine with heroin roll.gif Guess they haven't found methadone yet.
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Finally finished the last 2 episodes and am ready for season 2. I still love Nurse Elkins even though she's a fiend / junkie. Bertie and I gotta learn to let her go or pay her for some golden lotus action.
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From reading reviews of the episode she was definitely having intercourse with Ping for that golden lotus stuff. She really is the epitome of ride or die chick. She's out there prostituting herself and stealing drugs for a guy who treats her like crap.
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Can't wait for the show to come back.
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I hope they show how that woman's new nose is looking.
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eek.gif bruh

how the hell did i JUST discover this show?!?!?

show is eek.gif

my mans Algy is about to be booming... pimp.gif
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I'm eagerly anticipating this show coming back just for the soundtrack in how it plays so well with the scenes.
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So far this show ranks 2nd tier as far best shows I've seen.

1st tier of course wire and GOT but this show is very very good and a great story line so far. Every character is interesting.
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S2 premiere is tonight! 10pm
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Nice to see HBO finally giving this show some shine.

It was a great premiere. Picked up like it never left.

I forgot how gruesome and graphic the surgeries are on this show sick.gifmean.gif So much pus indifferent.gifmean.gif

Mays is useless roll.gif

Sad and nice that they gave consequences to Algy's reckless fights to feel alive. A detached retina aint no joke. That's basically blindness in his left eye in the early 20th century. Hope he and Thackery come through with a breakthrough surgery to repair it.

Gallinger is desperate. Son kidnaps Thack in rehab (granted it's a terrible place) and his plan is to starve the addiction out of him until he's sober. I can see Thackery coming to his senses and then just ditching dude again and making Algy his right hand man all over again. At best he'll have his old job back. This dude's staunch racism that he can't answer to a black doctor is sickening. Been clear dude is better than him.
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eek.gif gotta finish up season 1. Great show man
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Nice to see my dude Bertram stay strong. Nurse Elkin should know to stop trying to be friends with him after she broke his heart. I know the feeling, had to tell a girl I wanted her out of my life. mean.gif

What the hell was thackery doing to that woman's nose? Dude doing plastic surgery to get his drug supply in the damn rehab center.

Seeing Eleanor with no teeth is so cringeworthy sick.gif . Wonder if they'll make scumbag everett even more of a scumbag and have him start being with her sister.

An apartment having 11 bedrooms is crazy.

Cornelia's father -in-law is such a creeper. A good chance he'll try to rape her in his house.
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Word. The rape vibes are strong from Corneila's father-in-law mean.gifsick.gif Son creep status is too high.

What's funny with Nurse Elkin is I can see once Thack returns her being on his jock all over again laugh.gif While Bertie starts simping again. If he's smart he gets a girl now.
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There was a scene last season when he was talking to Cornelia alone where it looked like he was going to attack her.

I don't want to see Bertram take anymore L's. He needs to start banging all the nurses there or wio and put coke on it and ask Nurse Elkins what that thang smell like. I can see him going down a downward spiral if he has to work with thackery again and elkins still trying to be his friend.
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Mays! roll.gifroll.gifroll.gif Son is a super perv. Talking about put her legs on my shoulders instead of using the stirrups. Denied cotton swabs claiming all he needs is a good nose to get in there and check the pum pum mean.gif

So foul laugh.gifmean.gif

Love how Algy and Thack can just respect each other as colleagues since they're so far ahead of the other doctors when it comes to innovation and groundbreaking techniques smokin.gif After pressed on what's really going on Algy reveals all his research and that he wanted John to do the damn surgery and this is before he even knew he was back.

With that said Thack could've blinded dude with his hallucinations mean.gif

roll.gif @ that trollop. Shooting cocaine in one arm and heroine in the next. Gambling with her life on the right dosage for a better high off the combination mean.gif ******* insane.

laugh.gif @ Nurse Elkins just wanting to be friends with Bertie again in ep1 and here straight up telling Thack she loved him and expecting they'd just go back to their regular relationship like son didn't spiral out of control and end up in rehab. It'll take more than that.

laugh.gif @ her pastor/preacher dad speaking in tongues.

Hope Bertie aint gone for good.
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laugh.gif @ Algy being married. Shorty popped out of nowhere. She fine devil.gif

Thack buggin. Just cuz you snorting the coke and heroine don't make it less of a risk. Son is 20th century House for real laugh.gif

I forgot this time period doesn't have the cure for syphilis sick.gifmean.gif Shorty with no nose quickly reminded me. Cold world.

The racism and sexism just runs so rampant. This eugenics talk had me like indifferent.gif The cast the actors well for it though.

laugh.gif @ Everett still being jelly and racist. Mad he can't understand how and why Thack still works with Algy. He need to get rid of his wife while he can and start anew.

Bertie first day in a new hospital and he about to get some yambs smokin.gif

Nurse Elkins getting that spanking from her father for w/e she confessed was disturbing.

Barrow and all of this fraud is funny to me cuz I'm expecting it to blow up in his face so big near the end of this season. Son aint never seen a hustle he wouldn't do.
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I never in realized this thread existed.


I burst out laughing when I saw this, looks at her face; Algy must giving it to her RIGHT because she NEEDS it. laugh.gif
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Instagram. | just my art and photography. #NT will follow back. Also Flickr.
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laugh.gif Word. She was thirsting for some Algy.

It's very interesting cuz in these situations it would usually make more sense if she was in some loveless marriage but it makes her look bad cuz she has a good husband for the most part. Son is mad nice and lenient with the uncommon **** she's done as a lady and wife. Plus they smashing so she can't use that as an excuse.

Algy about to approach Thack on how to invent a condom soon laugh.gif
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The Death of Dr. Mays roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif Son talking about the future trying to get this nurse to be his #1 and then his whole damn face light a fire mean.gif

Shorty is fine and all, bright and smart enough not to be grateful to white ppl but Algy messed up marrying this broad. She ******* up the whole situation for him laugh.gif

Burning out syphillis with malaria mean.gif Yeesh

Feel bad for Bertie's mom. He'll eventually smarten up and go to Thack and Algy.

Phillip's pops clearly plotting on Cornelia mean.gifsick.gif

More of this eugenics nonsense indifferent.gifsick.gifmean.gif
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missed eps 2 &3 of season 2. I gotta find a place to watch them


The space between her ears is greater than the space between her legs....

The space between her ears is greater than the space between her legs....
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