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Acetone ruined my midsole

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So I was restoring my pair of Jordan 4 lasers and while I was using acetone to strip the paint on the midsole, I noticed that the surface became rough, almost as if the acetone started to eat away at the midsole.


Now i've restored a few pairs of 3's and have never had this issue before.


I've painted multiple coats of angelus paint but it's not covering up these rough spots. 


Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Maby too much acetone?
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How bad is it
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Hey, I just had this happen to my Laser's as well, at least I only did one shoe so won't try as much on the other one..... I am going to try to use a magic eraser to smooth it out and see what happens. If you figure out anything let me know. Thanks
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Got the same problem, what should I do ???need help, thx
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Acetone tend to eat at the 4s midsole more easily. You'll have to manually strip the paint using a file or scratching it off by hand.
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I'm not sure if it's because they were an older pair and the midsole was made of a different material, but basically if that happened to you, you're kinda **** outta luck. The only thing I could do was get some very fine sandpaper (like for finishing surfaces) and gently try to smooth out the midsole. Then just apply layers and layers of Angelus paint. It won't be the same as it was but you won't be able to tell from far away.


Only thing I can suggest is to always be very cautious when applying acetone.

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