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^^^I said in my other post. There is pet insurance but there is a deductible and a limit. Depends on what you pay is the limit but I heard most are for like $2K limits which is hardly anything for something like surgery. It's good to have if you constantly have check ups and your bills are always high. Of course it could come in handy for a major surgery where you at least have $2K paid for. Also some insurance excludes certain things and even certain breads. I heard for a dog like dachshunds, insurance won't pay for their back surgeries since it is inevitable that they will have back surgery.

Just reminded me, I knew of someone that had a dog and it broke his leg for whatever reason. He took it to the vet and they asked for like $2K for the surgery. Instead of paying, he gave the dog to a shelter and they actually paid for the dog to get better. I don't think they do that for cats but at least for dogs if you can't pay the bill, you can send it to a no kill shelter and have it rehabilitated and readopted.

They actually do that here. But they would take down your information and won't let you adopt that dog back. (Atleast that's what the front desk dude told me)