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Is this website legit?

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Thread Starter, they say they only sell 100% authentic shoes, does anyone know this website and maybe ordered something? smile.gif thank you
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We would like to inform You that all the products in the store are original. They are imported directly from the manufacturer NIKE POLAND. Unfortunately NIKE didn't  respond to questions about the authenticity of the products. There is a possibility to verify our store, by contacting the Nike Poland. Perhaps You will be given information about the authenticity of the products in our store. However, if You have any doubts purchased products can be returned within 14 days of receipt of purchase, we'll refund You money. We invite you to visit our website to convince You of the quality of products.
                                                                                                                                                         Greetings - BASKETZONE team

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I was sceptic about this site to.  Afraid to loose my money, or get cheap imitations.  


After reading this post, still sceptic.


But i placed an order anyway, My son wanted the same shoes he had before.  (before we ordered from


After the payment i got an email of shipping the next day, with tracking number.  (payed with paypal btw)


We compared the shoes, and couldn't find any difference.  An official Jordan box,, and the shoes looked exactly the same, the label was the same. The quality is the same so i don't believe it's fake.  

But i wanted more confirmation. So i called Nike Holland.  They would'nt exaclty confirm that the shoes came from Nike Poland.  But they said it was possible, and the prices are lower because everything in Poland is cheaper. He has a good point there.  (he said this off the record because they sell shoes to online!) 

 If my company where i work buys machines from out of Poland, they are definity cheaper then we buy the same machines in Holland. 



Anyway, this was in the summer of 2015,  And we have placed a new order for Jordan baskebal shoes last weekend.  


They had some issues with their system, so i had payed, but did not get the order confirmation like normal.  


I've send them a email, and an hour later i got my confirmation and yesterday (23-11-2015)  my tracking number.  I think i will get them Thursday.  


So i hope this helps. 

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Did you get the shoes and two im from Britain and do I have to pay with paypal

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