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Not whisky **** but I've never successfully had sex, wearing a condom. ***** repulse me. Who invented these?! The first few times I tried to have sex, I used to think I had a problem because I'd be ready to go the whole night, through the whole movie and dinner and **** and soon as it's time to get in and I grab a condom, done. ***** are just trash bag or seran wrappy, like I'm about to prepare some leftovers to be put in the fridge so I can enjoy again tomorrow or don't want to make a mess heatng something up in the microwave, not sexy time-y. Then there's the lubed ones with all that slime and goop. Penis would just immediately retract like a frightened turtle soon as I started messing with one. So I legit thought I had E.D or was just so nervous I was psyching myself then I developed the move, get to that same point, got them bent over waving your boy in for landing, like "you got a condom?" and I'd just reach over in front of them and grab it, rip it open without looking at it, snap the rubber against itself sounding like I'd putting it on but really just fiddling with myself, then chuck that **** across the room and go in. None of them ever noticed or said anything. Except my current, one day she text me like, "Doctors said I'm 6 weeks pregnant." eyes.gif Oh yea, Teamnopullout too.
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