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I've had the watch offered to me almost 2 years ago and i would for sure NOT advise it.

I'm 41 and running since more than 14 years.

the nike site to log in just allows dresses from the US and in order to bypass this I needed to inscribe from my ipad.

Indeed as I see in some of the comments it takes really a loooooooooooong time to sync.

some competitions i participated i could not use it since it did not sync in time for the start.

since it takes so much time to sync and once it is syncing you can't see what time it is. it becomes useless.

afterwards in the first couple of races once i uploaded the races it made a mistake in the dates.

i contact the nike support to ask to correct it and they correctly wrongly.

afterwards the uploading to the site stop working. i had all the data in my watch (more than 400km runs).

again I enter in contact with the NIKE support and then they said:

"Sorry for the bad news but you need to reset the watch" - lost everything!!!!

Afterwards, finally I started to have my runs (when it syncs!!) in my nike account.

A couple of time while running official races i notice that the distance is not accurate.

Last WE I run the DAM TO DAM (In Amsterdam). 16KM (10 miles)

The watch registered 15KM, so once again I enter in contact with nike + service.

Immediately I got a reply and they announce they have corrected it.

I went to check and SURPRISE SURPRISE

All of the RUNS I'VE DONE ARE GONE!!!!!!