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Good to hear that you're okay.. I hope everything works out for you..
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Who's your insurer? I know Allstate has accident forgiveness, either way it'll be 50/50 or they'll determine is your fault based on the point of matter what when you hit someone from the back you are pretty screwed....girl is an idiot and yes you should always report it to your insurance before she does and gets the one-up on you

This mean.gif or even if you hit a car that is parked illegally. Get the report OP, it'll have all of her information in it so you can file a claim.

I swear everyday somebody always speed up to cuts me off and hit the breaks immediately hoping I hit them.. I always do this when I don't hit them..

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How? After filing a claim with their insurance, both drivers admitted fault

Because you're counting on the person being honest and telling the truth. Stories change, especially when money is involved. Besides physical damage to the car, the main thing you should be worried about are medical bills. There's and yours. What happens if you discover you have a back issue that was related to the accident after you sign the check?

You should always contact your insurance to cover yourself and tell your side right away.

I was in a car in which my car was totaled by the guy who ran in to me. The person who's car I ran in to who had hardly any damage is the one who needed the ambulance. Everyone was shocked that I wasn't the one taking the ambulance to the hospital due to my damage and everyone knew she was faking.

Each time your car is in an accident it depreciates your car even more.

If the accident isn't your fault, your insurance isn't going to go up from an accident that wasn't your fault anyway. So there's no reason not to call your insurance. Often it's better to work through your insurance rather than there's anyway. My insurance gives me a lot more rental insurance than a lot of these other ones want to give you after an accident.
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That girl is straight. She can definitely make my starting five roster.
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