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Think this is an average team but still trying to figure themselves out, offense has been a bit too conservative for my liking to start the season but they should be 3-0 despite the fact

Way too early to see if a team is Superbowl worthy or not, it's just about making the playoffs any way you can and stepping up from there.

They can easily get blown out tonight especially with the banged up secondary, but that's why you play the games.
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Feeling confident tonight for some reason laugh.gif
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Vernon played well in the second half, but this pass rush the last two games looks identical to last season. Eli had 2-3 seconds to throw the ball downfield, while Bradford had all the time in the world. The offensive line doesn't bully anyone aound

Defense still played solid despite not having Thomas, Apple and DRC out there, but they started to pick on Wade, and tunovers/flags keep haunting the team (most of the Vikings points came off turnovers)

They hung around, but too many mistakes yet again

Won't even get into the ridiculous taunting flag thrown at OBJ, joke.
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The game started pretty well
The ball was moving
Then Flowers decide to ruin everything
Once again the play calling was horrible
The taunting flag was absolute trash

Penalties needs to be address
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Eli didnt have time to throw but for the times he did have time, he get got rid of ball too quick. i think the beating cam took got in his head. he didnt hang in the pocket as long as he could have should have. That D is very very legit. must win game vs green bay.

who is calling plays for the giants? doesnt seem like the same play calling as last season or maybe maybe teams doning a better job with odell and we are not adjusting. one thing for sure is i have seen shep and oBj line up together too much. i think they should move cruz to slot or maybe its just me seeing it wrong but looks like shep is the slot guy most often.
Eli definitely didn't win our recent 2 rings with the team on his back like Peyton did for the Colts and Broncos. Matter of fact Tuck, Tyree, and our Defense simply won it for us in 08.

Broncos? what? i mean are you serious? look at peytons last super bowl win and big ben's compare those games to Eli's super bowl wins and tell me who did in 08 when Eli out played every QB he faced that wasnt as important as Tyree? Thats what you just wrote, you do realize how that sounds right? you should say some of this stuff out loud to your friends and see how they react to you saying Tryee was more valuable than Eli Manning for 4 games that playoff run or if you just mean super bowl same thing, nonsense

You do realize that when a QB leads his team on a game winning drive that is clutch? do you realize without those game winning drives they don't win? doesnt seem like you remember what happen during those 2 super bowl games/runs.

are you aware that last super bowl run Eli lead the giants to come from behind wins/game winning drives in 8 games?(2011/2012) Their D was below avg that year

i just dont think you're very aware
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Thought the gameplan was pretty awful and Eli did not look comfortable from the start of the game, I believe ten of those passes had to be thrown to the ground to avoid any sacks

Cover 2 took away any big plays, and the Viking can rush the pass with 4 and their linebackers play at an elite level. They knew the quick throws were coming and they were ready for it
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The team is leaderless
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OBJ is the kind of player that needs to play with emotion (good or bad) like a lot of players in this league. You didn't hear a peep or complaint from the media when they won the first two games, now all of a sudden it's an issue since they lost the last two.

He does have to control himself when he gets the cheap shots however, but other than that he needs to be himself and take over games like he is capable of.
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Media just can't keep odell name out of they moufs... Tombout odell at the Vatican. They want young boy to burn
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Eli is playing scared this is not the same QB as past 2 seasons. He doesnt trust his tackles.

The defense is not great but its leaps and bounds better than last season.

big game vs ravens win and i can see us turning this around lose and its same giants as past 2 seasons long long losing streaks
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Originally Posted by Mez 0ne View Post

OBJ is the kind of player that needs to play with emotion (good or bad) like a lot of players in this league. You didn't hear a peep or complaint from the media when they won the first two games, now all of a sudden it's an issue since they lost the last two.

He does have to control himself when he gets the cheap shots however, but other than that he needs to be himself and take over games like he is capable of.

I hate always agreeing with you, but this quote right here is the truth. Like Brandon Marshall said, the Giants need to be real careful how they handle OBJ. Not sure why they aren't just letting him be himself and continue to cook opposing DBs.

No way I'd be telling him to contain himself. **** that, wild out. As long as he isn't getting kicked out of games or CONSISTENTLY costing the team penalty yards.

And for the record, I know McAdoo is a rookie coach. But he seems over-matched. The bad suit, always having his head in the playsheet and missing live action, talking against his star player to the media, whispers of him running a loose ship.... Dude needs to step it up.

Oh, and obviously ELI needs to step it up too.
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Originally Posted by MACkaveli511 View Post

I'm not feeling McAdoo

What specifically about McAdoo are you not feeling?
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Originally Posted by youngin33 View Post

What specifically about McAdoo are you not feeling?

Play calling

when you get penalized in games, it means that stuff was happening in practice and nothing was done to correct it.
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Not sure why these teams keep trying to promote OCs to HC just to avoid having them go somewhere else. The offense has suffered now that McAdoo is HC because he can't put all of his attention there anymore. Same thing happening in Tampa with Koetter. Miami too with Gase. (In terms of a regression on O or with the starting qb).

Personally, I would've kept Coughlin for at least one more year, raised Mac's salary to be top 3 in the L and then promote him to HC after some more seasoning.

But I get why he (Coughlin) was the scapegoat.

One of the bad things with the Giants is that Spags used to be HC in STL as well, so it's REALLY not a good look with all these dumb penalties on his side of the ball.
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My biggest issue is if you get rid of Coughlin, you get rid of Reese as well, clean house completely.

Frustrating to see this offensive line be terrible for five years and counting, they can't create running lanes nor pass protect without a holding penalty being called.

Eli is not having a good year so far imo, he's had some ups early on, but he looks like a quarterback who does not trust his offensive line whatsoever. mean.gif

the game at GB was extremely winnable, secondary played their *** off, as was the Washington game, penalties are just killing them big time.

Doesn't matter what offensive talent you have if the offense live is crap, no time for big plays to develop.
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Expecting a bounce back game vs the Ravens today, but I won't hold my breath.
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Originally Posted by youngin33 View Post

Expecting a bounce back game vs the Ravens today, but I won't hold my breath.

My exact thoughts laugh.gif
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Apple and DRC missing games has really hurt. Behre is another overlooked name. That kid hits hard.

They say JPP and Vernon are playing hurt.

O line is trash

Eli been real bad the last few games. Don't know if he's hurt or just scared because of the O line.
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Run blocking is absolutely terrible, such a joke to watch the past 5 years. 38 yards on 17 carries is ridiculous.

Donnell is terrible

Eli had much better protection today, and the big plays came. 400+ yards.

Still can't believe that PI call on DRC, Giants were a play away from losing the game because of that before Eli to OBJ mean.gif
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So yeah, I think every one in here would agree that what OBJ did today is what he can potentially do every single game.

Meaning, he can get you 100 yards on how many ever catches with his eyes closed.

So moving forward, I hope McAdoo/Eli continue to feed the kid the rock. Beckham is a true gamebreaker. And the Giants need to act accordingly. Cuz you don't get talent like THAT too often.

The sad thing is that it feels like he can do more (reverse, punt return, motion, quick screen, end zone fades) yet the Giants aren't being creative enough about it. mean.gif

He seems to be limited to fly patterns, in & out routes, and slants.

As for the running game, the Giants need a young talented back. Jennings, Darkwa, etc are solid backs but not consistent enough to be considered true threats.
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^^^I agree this offense needs to get more creative. I like they went 4 wide and even 5 wide. when they went 5 wide eli had cruz open for TD but missed him.
this was a very good defense we faced today. hopefully the offense has clicked and we get back to scoring how we did past 2 seasons. we get back to that and with our defense playing great good things to come. defense issue has been starting games. i bet 2nd of games our D is top 10 easy. that is sign of good coaching making adjustments. ie blitz you need to mix in blitz can't think that our DEs are going to get there.

Donnell is the worst why was he in the game? dude tries to juke behind marker? wow you can lose so easy in this league due to dumb players. tye please, dude is much faster. nevermind that lewis is a stud 2 min drill no TE needed keep a RB in and go 4 wide please.

clutch O clutch D love it.

If that DRC fake flag cost us the game i would have broken something. its funny that fake flag almost cost us the game and no flag on julio cost atlanta the game. when the ball is in the air how can a ref get the calls wrong? i just don't get it.
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Honestly, I think Shepard is a sleeper in terms of potentially being a top 15 - 20 WR. Dude is nice and can be a legit threat out there. He got rocked and still wanted to remain in the game. Can't ask for more than that from one of your players.

Same with Beckham. Could have stayed in the locker room for treatment before the end of the first half but came back out to play. Then he pushed through the injury for the second half.

It may seem like I'm giving him extra credit here. But we all know he would have gotten DESTROYED in the media if he didn't come back out to play for the 2nd half.

Cruz has been good. But the Giants really should have an eye on getting a BIG receiver at some point. A Plax type build if you will.

And yes, Donnell nearly cost the team the game with his weak attempt at trying to get a first down at the end there. mean.gif
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Donnell needs to go
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I've hated donnell from the beginning. Dude leaping over tacklers, getting flipped, then fumbling. That's dudes signature move I swear.

And the fact the he ain't lunge for the first on our last drive... Weak sauce.
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Whoa whoa whoa, I am the real Donnell hater. No one has hated that guy as long or as much as I have. He should have been cut years ago. I still wasn't a believer when he had that 3 TD game against WAS.

This offense has to play better. Way too many weapons for this offense to be this bad. I get we have a terrible OL but the WRs we have, this is unreal.

Eli missing Cruz wide open in the end zone was unbelievable. Settled for a FG.
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I was indifferent about Donnell, he sucks but whatever..

Until I saw THAT yesterday.

My grandma on wheel chairs couldve gotten that first down.

Absolutely disgraceful
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I am still not sold on coaching.

Offense and play calling was trash until Eli took over.
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My God, the news are pinning Eli against Beckham. Anything for a story right.
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I'm so tired of hearing about ODB. I hate how the coaching staff has handled it. I hate some of what Eli has said too. Not sure what the **** is going on with these fools anymore.
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Originally Posted by MACkaveli511 View Post

We don't have that issue in Minni 😎

You're right. There's not nearly that much talent in Minni.
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