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pay off all your debt.. unless the money you have is earning you more intrest than you are paying on your debt

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Then just pay most of it off. Think of the bare minimum how you need in savings. The use the rest on the debt. Unless you plan on investing it soon. Ain no sense in letting it sit there.
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Keep 6 months worth of bills in your emergency fund. Everything else pay off that debt.
If not, you are giving your money away.
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Land an overseas position

Scale my app 

Have a successful first year for me and my boys investment business

Lose more weight

Start an e commerce business

Pay down debt

Read more books

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Rediscover and maintain my passion and drive.
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My resolution is to stop making resolutions.
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Originally Posted by datkidfiasco View Post

pay off all your debt.. unless the money you have is earning you more intrest than you are paying on your debt

That's what I did.... I still manage to maintain $15k-$20k all year while slowly paying off my debts.

But I want more in my savings. The problem is, paying off your debt too soon doesn't help you!

You need to establish credit history and on-time payments.
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Hopefully open up a small business later in the year
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You don't need to be in a bunch of debt to build credit.
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If you're referring to me, I never said you had to, that's the reason why I paid so many off last year.

Matter of fact, having a bunch of hard/soft inquiries affects your credit.

I said developing credit history and showing on-time payment helps improve/build credit.
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Soft inquiries don't affect credit.
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My goal is to be more financially responsible where necessary (I got to still reward myself with games&toys here and there...just trying to not over do it laugh.gif) Trying to live minimally and be frugal this year. Also, hoping to move out this year and obtain a A+ and Network + cert. My plan is to get the A+ sometime within the first 6 months of this year, Network+ last 6 months, shouldn't take anywhere as long but that's the plan.
psn: Heezy789
psn: Heezy789
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Clear out my CC debt
Get a new whip (possibly a lease)
Break 100k in total earnings
Make 3 international trips
Get leaner
Max my bench press to 315
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