Air Jordan 2009: The Start of a New Legacy

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    AIR JORDAN 2009 : The Start of a New Legacy


    AIR JORDAN 2009 Dissected:

    Key Design Elements:

    • Part of Nike's "Considered Design" ethos (environmentally preferred shoe development & construction)

    • Employs new tech: Articulated Propulsion Technology "APT"

    • Implemented luxurious materials like satin pleats & panache leather 

    • Thermo Plastic Urethane "TPU" chassis with "blown glass inspired pattern"

    • Carbon plate instills rigidity and locks down midfoot

    • Heelcup with Achilles Pad, reduces ankle injuries

    • Zoom Air in sock liner & Zoom Air Bag in heel equals Double-Stack Zoom

    • Forefoot Zoom Air Bag 
    Original Release Dates: 

    • AIR JORDAN 2009: Black/Metallic Gold 

    • January 31, 2009

    • Exclusive Limited Release

    • "S23" (Only 2009 Pairs Made)

    • MSRP: $230

    • Style Code: #345337-071

    • AIR JORDAN 2009: White/Metallic Silver-Black

    • February 14, 2009

    • Nationwide Release

    • MSRP: $190

    • Style Code: #343084-161

    • AIR JORDAN 2009: Black/Metallic Silver-Stealth-Varsity Red

    • April 4, 2009

    • Nationwide Release

    • MSRP: $190

    • Style Code: #343084-062

    • AIR JORDAN 2009: Black/Metallic Gold-Varsity Red

    • September 5, 2009 

    • Exclusive Limited Release

    • "Hall of Fame" (Part of Commemorative Jordan HOF Induction Pack)

    • MSRP: $200

    • Style Code: #371499-031
    A Legacy Reborn, Part II:

    On January 8, 2009, the Air Jordan 2009 was introduced to the world as the shoe that would continue Michael Jordan's line while keeping the original I-XXIII legacy intact hence the change to the new naming system. Designed by Jason Mayden, Jordan Brand's Senior Footwear designer, he collaborated with Michael Jordan to properly produce a shoe worthy of carrying on the signature Jordan line. The main technology design inspiration was the carbon fiber prosthesis used by Paralympian, April Holmes, who is also a Team Jordan Track & Field Athlete. Thus the futuristic cues which the 2009 fully embodies shines through. Also born out of the inspiration was a new technology called Articulated Propulsion Technology or "APT" for short. The APT follows the same basic principles of the prosthesis allowing the athlete more explosiveness and propulsion while moving on court basically an energy return system. The heel is split to two sections so the energy return system will be activated in one section while the other is not, utilizing the energy efficiently and smoothly. The traditional carbon plate makes an appearance again because Michael Jordan is a big fan of it exclaiming that it really saved him in his career from foot injuries. With the carbon plate, it locks down your mid foot and keeps the shoe rigid. Another measure to ensure the reduction of ankle injuries, Achilles pads were added into the heel cup area of the shoe completing a system to help reduce injuries.

    With a futuristic design direction, the materials utilized were carefully chosen to match the philosophy. Satin pleats influenced by the world of fencing, was chosen due to Michael Jordan's affinity for lockdown defense. Panache leather, a durable and polishable dress shoe leather that illustrated Michael Jordan's off court professionalism. Both components would make their first ever appearance on an Air Jordan. And both would combine to exemplify the sophisticated aesthetics of fencing. Another main design focal point was the midsole's TPU chassis featuring a "blown glass inspired" unique pattern making each pair essentially a one-of-one limited edition taking a cue from famed glass artist, Dale Chihulya. Jason Mayden explained the implementation of "blown glass" as a physical way to capture time equating Michael Jordan's mythos of defying the laws of time and space. 

    As with any Air Jordan, memorable and exclusive elements adorn the shoe:
    • The traditional hologram makes a cameo in the form of a diamond which can be found on the upper rear of the shoe serving as a reminder to fans the 2009 was an authentic Air Jordan.
    • On the heel there is an inscription in the silver circle: "The best there ever was, the best there ever will be."
    • An ambigram (interpreted the same from either direction) "Jordan" logo is emblazoned near the toe area.
    • The packaging design also took the idea of the ambigram to heart meaning the box will be standing the same either way flipped.
    As part of Nike's considered initiative, the design philosophy implemented made sure to adhere to the environmental standards set forth in the initiative such as pattern efficiency and material selection. The Air Jordan 2009 may not be everyone's favorite, but it was the foundation needed to set the future course of the iconic Air Jordan line. Sophistication and innovation were melded beautifully into the simplest form, shoes. It could make anyone feel like MJ locking down Byron Russell in the NBA Finals. 


    Ray Allen 2009 NBA All Star Game & Boston Celtics

    Joe Johnson 2009 NBA All Star Game & Atlanta Hawks

    Mike Bibby Atlanta Hawks

    Quentin Richardson Miami Heat 2009 Media Day

    Carmelo Anthony 2009 NBA All Star Game & Denver Nuggets

    Richard Hamilton Detroit Pistons

    Chris Paul 2009 NBA All Star Game 

    2009 Jordan Brand Classic Home/Away 

    Ty Lawson University of North Carolina PE

    John Cena WWE Match

    National TV Campaign:


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