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    If you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you've probably noticed @mentions, and even used them yourself.  These little golden treats help connect you more directly with your fellow site members without having to do anything more than type a post - a post you're likely already leaving in the first place.  Super easy, right?  YES.

    With this additional functionality, you might be wondering the best ways to utilize this for your life.  We've got you covered on the following topics:
    1. This is How You Do It
    2. Instant Gratification!
    3. This is How You Use It
    4. But I Don't Want To Know When I'm @mentioned


    Just like with Facebook and Twitter, @mentions will automatically be triggered in the rich text editor as soon as you type an @.  When you do this, in the rich text editor, you'll see an autocompleting username drop down from which you can select a username.  


    This will insert an @mention into your post which links to the user's profile.  


    The @mention itself is a single object so if you backspace over it, the whole thing will be removed from your post.

    The @mention is also available in the BB Code editor, through a new editor button, appropriately indicated by the @ symbol.  This button brings up a dialog where you can enter a username.


    In BB Code, users can also simply type the tags [USER=]@ and [/USER] around the username if they prefer.  On submit, this will turn into an @mention.



    There's another very important thing that @mentions do - they will send an immediate notification to the user being mentioned.  (You: "Shut the front door - that's awesome!")  They're a great way for users to communicate with each other and page each other in posts.  Huge engagement points.  Just imagine getting paged by a user you know.  That's an email you want to read and a post you want to respond to.  Here's what the email will look like:



    You can basically @mention wherever you'd like to your heart's desire, but you'll only get notifications of @mentions from posts, reviews, and articles.  So how do you get the most bang for your @mention buck?  Easy peasy.  Here are a few starter points:
    • Reading through a thread and find multiple users you'd like to call out as enlightening and helpful (or perhaps even misinformed)?  Reply as usual and @mention all of those users, letting them know you appreciated their posts.
    • Contributing an article to the site?  Awesome!  If you're including some member quotes from posts, reviews, or any other discussion, @mention them in your article so they're notified of their new celebrity.
    • Sifting through a long thread about a product you're thinking about purchasing, and you know you're fellow user was mulling over the same thing?  Perfect.  Make sure you @mention your buddy so they can get educated, as well.  Even leave some of your favorite member quotes about the product for helpful reading!
    • Have a question for one of the site's Industry Insider members on a current product or future prototype?  Guess what?  You can @mention them and ask some questions (or leave some love!), as long as they're a registered user on the site.


    For those of you who don't want to know about being mentioned, just go to your user preferences to disable the email notifications.  As with comment notifications and follow notifications, you can change your preference in the Account Details section of your profile.


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