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    Introducing NikeTalk Mobile

    Whenever you load NikeTalk on your mobile device, the site will default to a streamlined version suited for small displays and touch input.  

    This guide will cover a few of the features and shortcuts designed to make your mobile browsing experience faster and easier than ever before.

    Let's begin with a look at what our front page looks like on the mobile site.

    The Front Page

    The mobile version of NikeTalk's front page has been distilled into three key components:

    Notifications, where you'll find new private messages and updates to any discussion topics you've subscribed to.

    Featured Content, which highlights the latest news and the best discussions from around the forums.

    And Navigation, where you can dive right in to the forums, your messages, and all your favorite discussions.

    Should you wish to switch to the full desktop version, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "Desktop."  

    The Navigation Menu

    Your alerts are paired with a full navigation menu, allowing you to access your settings or jump to a new location from anywhere on the site.  

    Simply tap anywhere outside of the navigation menu to close it.

    The Actions Menu

    The counterpart to the Navigation Menu is called the Actions Menu.  You'll find it in the upper right corner of each page. 

    The actions available to you in this menu are context sensitive.  The above image illustrates the available actions within a discussion topic.  

    As with the Navigation Menu, you can simply tap outside of the Action Menu to close it.

    The Forums

    Within each discussion forum, you'll find all of the essential information about each post right at your fingertips.

    Discussion Pages

    Within each discussion topic, you'll find all of the tools and information you're accustomed to on the desktop version.

    If your mobile device uses the Android operating system, or Apple's iOS 6 or above, you can upload pictures when tapping the "Add Picture" button.


    Tips and Tricks

    • To scroll up to the top of a page quickly, just tap the page title at the top center. 
    • If you're already at the top, clicking on the NikeTalk logo will return you to the front page.
    • You can add a shortcut to your device's homescreen on most devices.

      To add an icon using your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:
    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen while signed in.
    2. Tap mobile.
    3. Press this button in Safari:
    4.  Add NikeTalk to your home screen.

    Coming Soon

    This is only the first version of NikeTalk's mobile site.  Unfortunately, it does not yet support all content types and pages and will revert to the traditional desktop view when you use:
    1. Reviews
    2. Image Galleries
    3. Lists
    4. Who's Online
    5. Classifieds
    We hope to add support for these features in the future.  

    Supported Browsers

    Rather than produce a dedicated app that's restricted only to one or two platforms, NikeTalk's mobile site has been designed to work well with as many different devices as possible without the need for a special download. 

    While we hope you'll agree that some support is preferable to none, not all devices and browsers work equally well. 

    The developers of our mobile site have provided us with the following list of support tiers so you can see how each platform stacks up:

    We hope you enjoy using NikeTalk on your mobile device!

    If you'd like to share your thoughts and suggestions, we encourage you to join us in the Mobile Feedback Forum.

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