nike dunk de la soul correct/authentic production date

By preston · May 2, 2015 · ·
  1. preston
    i am buying some de la soul dunk the brown an green one's from a ebay seller he's been a member since 2006 100% feed back but i still don't trust any sellers on ebay. whit all that said what is the correct / Authentic production date i seen a few different production dates but i see one consistent date need just a little more reinsurance.

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  1. bballermarkie
    The date isn't what you go off exactly

    You go off the format of the tag
  2. leviskicks123
    If hes been a member for that long and has that much reputation you are fine trust me!
  3. umpahimself
    Plus eBay has buyer protection so you should be good. Does he offer returns?