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    Nike Foamposite one & Pro



    Eric Avar

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    Back in 1997, Eric Avar created a shoe that still hits the shelves to this day and still make sneaker fanatic around the world line up to get their hands on a pair. The beetle was one of the major inspiration for the foamposite (with its hard exoskeleton). 

    Penny Hardaway made the shoe famous around the world, but Eric Avar didn't design the shoe for Penny. Originally, the shoe was suppose to be for Scottie Pippen. 

    The developpment of the Foamposite caused many headaches for Nike. Creating a shoe with minimal stitching and leather that could perform on the court was not an easy task at the end of the 90's. In the end, it's Daewoo, a car and television company, that solved the problem for Nike. 

    How it's made? 

    The Foam material starts in a liquid form at a temperature in between 130 and 175 degrees fahrenheit. This solution is then placed in a mold to be cooled down and solidified. The other components of the shoe are then added to complete the shoe that we know today. 

    The special mold alone cost Nike 750,000$. This explains the very high price point of the foamposite, which was 180$ back in 1997. Poor sales at that price point often lead to the foamposite to hit sales rack. 

    The suppliers didn't think they would ever retro the foamposite, so they decided to destroy the original mold.

    Looking back, the foamposite was really a shoe from the future that affected the sneaker scene by its look, price point and technology. 

    The colorways : 

    1997 Royal

    1997 Pearl

    1997 Black / Gum

    1997 Black / Metallic Silver

    1997 Black / Volt

    2001 Royal / Black

    2002 Varsity Red / Black

    2002 Black / Grey

    2002 Pearl

    2003 University Blue / White

    2004 Black / Grey

    2006 Dr. Doom

    2007 Royal

    2007 Blackout

    2007 Cough Drop

    2007 Cactus

    2008 Royal

    2008 Metallic Silver

    2008 Army

    2009 Eggplant

    2009 Pearl

    2010 Copper

    2010 Eggplant

    2010 Cough Drop

    2010 Pearl

    2011 Royal

    2011 Electric Green

    2011 Pewter

    2011 Highlighter

    2011 Electric Blue

    2011 Pine Green

    2011 "Sole Collector"

    2012 Red Metallic

    2012 Galaxy

    2012 Electrolime

    2012 Gym Green

    2012 Crimson

    2012 Polarized Pink

    2012 Stealth

    2013 Fighter Jet

    2013 Suns

    2013 Whiteout

    2013 Camo

    2013 Royal / Wolf Grey

    2013 Weatherman

    2013 Thermal Map

    2013 Doernbecher

    2013 Safari

    2013 Asteroid

    2013 Oregon Ducks

    2014 Spider Man

    2014 Tech Challenge

    2014 Supreme (Black)

    2014 Supreme (Red)

    2014 "Yeezy"

    2014 Shooting Stars (part of the pack)

    2014 Concord

    2014 Black Suede

    2014 Elephant Pink

    2014 Wheat

    2014 Knicks

    2014 Volt

    Sample / Possible upcoming release :

    Metallic Gold

    Gold Speckles Sample

    Metallic Green Sample

    Red Suede Sample 1 & 2

    Comic Book Sample

    3 Pro Samples

    What the Foamposite Sample

    Brown Sample

    Who Wore It

    Penny Hardaway

    They used a black sharpie on the shoe to respect team colors

    2012 celebrity all-star game

    Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth (in Spike Lee's movie "He Got Game")

    Mike Bibby

    Tim Duncan (All-Star Game)

    Lamar Odom

    Nick Young

    And Various other NBA and College Basketball Players. 

    Sources : 


    Nike & The NikeTalk Forum

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