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  1. born tuesday
  2. hood17
    I'm here
  3. bigpat630
    bigpat630 af1 1982
    What’s up man? Would be willing to trade 1 for 1 or 2 for 2? I have Foggy and Babble.
    1. af1 1982
      af1 1982
      Hey man, I'd prefer to do at least 4 for 4 since its gonna cost a good amount to ship. Lmk what else you have, doesn't necessarily have to be Monkish
      Nov 10, 2018 at 11:26 PM
  4. 1rad
    1rad sharkin
    whats the site for the good sb thread bro.
    this i skate nikes.
    i lost my sb touch, lol
  5. tekthemaestro
    tekthemaestro shogun89
    hey how much u selling fallout code for
  6. mlkfan
    mlkfan beacon ave south
    Hey, what does "Queen of spades tatt" mean? (Referring to Pink in the Iggy thread)?
  7. bobbyfett
    bobbyfett thundercat
    what's your yeezy size?
  8. manilasdopest
    Let’s Go Saints! ⚜️ Who Dat
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  9. toneagain
  10. HellaSteph
    NT Live in Vegas 2018... Get it!
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  11. modzzilla
  12. Coupé It
  13. jraider1982
    jraider1982 dmitry
    These are smoke rise jeans.
  14. hoosier bad boy 11
    hoosier bad boy 11 xivnxx8
    Hello mate do you have any more photos of the 33s that you dyed? If so do you mind sharing them with me.
  15. Nelson!
    Learning to Just Do It like Nike...
  16. xivnxx8
    waiting on blackout 33's & Concord 11's
  17. kaz109
    kaz109 Cladyclad
    Hey I have access to the jordan 33 in a sz 12but didn't get them because I needed a sz 11.5, if I go cop the sz 12 today would you want to swap?
    1. Cladyclad
      How would that work?
      Oct 22, 2018
    2. Cladyclad
      My shipment don’t come til November
      Oct 22, 2018
  18. Deklef Schrimps
    Deklef Schrimps
    Looking for Schrempf 44
  19. willy156
    willy156 bryanay1
    bro follow 4 follow
  20. kicksiscrackv2
  21. htg designs
  22. htg designs
  23. Nelson!
    Just trying to live my best life and not go back and forth with negative people.
  24. Nelson!
    Just trying to live my best life and don't go back and forth with negative people.
  25. Nelson!
    I'm Teaching Myself to Just Do It like Nike...