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  1. ctjordan23
    ctjordan23 xwestbullyx
    Can i get a nike friends and family card?
  2. magneto2403
    magneto2403 xwestbullyx
    You got an extra ff card?
  3. thacamel634
    thacamel634 xwestbullyx
    Any chance I can get one of those Friends and Family cards?
  4. acrivera01
    acrivera01 jayocampo
    hey which jimmy jazz in nyc had them still? I'm located in BK
    1. jayocampo
      It's in Staten island
      Feb 21, 2018 at 12:45 AM
  5. cman
    cman mkc1983
    Boss any bred or brave Blue size 9 left thx
  6. WHOAMI?
  7. Andrew S. Lam
  8. b42l8t
  9. airfred87
  10. Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams
    I have these gym red Jordan 12 I’m wanting to do a authenticity check on them can anyone help me
  11. andrewr23
    andrewr23 jerry6d
    Hey, Did DSG charge you shipping?
  12. qaddafi
    qaddafi nawghtyhare
    Yo thanks for hitting me up, I love in north Carolina and looking for a sz 10 clot brand new. Hit me back anytime sir
  13. Str8_Ballin214
    "Don't believe everything you hear. Real eyes, realize, real lies."
  14. Hotshots
    Hotshots likeaboss2
    hey, search ebay for "Mitchell & Ness Patrick Ewing 1996 ALL Star Eastern Conference Swingman Jersey". Someone just posted one of each size for the M&N '96 Ewing all-star swingman
  15. Andrew S. Lam
  16. bwsteg
    bwsteg k4vglitcher
    Are you selling a sz 10 gold toe?
  17. cparker33
    cparker33 bvb13
    Hello! Are the blk/infrared 6’s still available? Thanks!
  18. SlunderKingpin
  19. anthos
    FS 9.5/10 Gamma 11 size 11.5 (they ran small that year)
  20. AlexWS23
  21. hoosier bad boy 11
    hoosier bad boy 11 DIVINErite
    Bro where did you get those camo joggers in the picture with the Brazils?
  22. ocnort88
    ocnort88 dgar08
    HI Bro just got a question re: the Nike Epic React Flyknit, I wear sz 9.5 on Nike Flyknit Trainer,Racer and Nike Zoom Fly Perfect Fit, and sz 9 on Air Max 90 and 97, Can you please advise what size to get please. Thank You
  23. nikekid6
    nikekid6 duke40
    hey duke. what size are the lows?

    thanks alot
  24. wyoung38
    wyoung38 fahqu001
    Hey man I’m selling some DS Kobe 11 FTB size 9.5 if your interested
    1. fahqu001
      Not right now, but thanks. Too many things dropping the next few months. Maybe if you have them a few months down the road I'll reach out.
      Feb 12, 2018
    2. wyoung38
      Gotcha. Just let me know
      Feb 12, 2018
  25. beh235