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    FOX *CBM thread - RIP STAN LEE - Dark PhoeniX 06/07/19

    They're actually tactical boots made by Nike. It's an older model with the free run sole. I own a pair and when I wear them at work, they literally feel like you're walking on clouds.
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    Car accident question

    I did the day I first called him. He said don't worry about it. And all he asked for was insurance papers, pictures, etc and emailed me to sign papers.
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    Car accident question

    I'll give him a call tomorrow. I'm not even sure if he even got caught. The cops kept his bumper. Last time I talked to my lawyer he asked for my medical record # so he can get records from kaiser hospital.
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    Car accident question

    I know I was lucky to miss the trees
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    Car accident question

    So I was in a hit and run accident on the 19th this month. My car rolled multiple times and it's totaled. The car the hit me left his bumper and license plate. Got a lawyer that same day and have to go chiropractor for 6 weeks. My question is will I get a big settlement and what if this person...
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    Anyone in corrections? I've applied last march and made it through the background interview. Any NT'ers in the process too or any co's that can shine the light on the rest of the hiring process? Hopefully I can get this job
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    The Official Electric Daisy Carnival Thread (Vegas June 21,22,23 2013) Update trailer pg 1

    Ill be at marquee Thursday night. Hopefully time slots come out today.
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    who has the best name? vol. according to urbandictionary

    1. kurt 1154 up, 526 down A pimp *** individual who is in bed with three women at this very moment. We must get undressed now. Talk to you later. I'm a pimp *** mother. buy kurt mugs & shirts by Hernia Aug 27, 2003 share this add a video 2. Kurt 702 up, 356 down Cool, nice guy. Tied to the...
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    Official Catfish TV Show thread

    The dude that catfished manti used to live in Stockton, ca. He was a qb for this school in our league lol
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    Online sports betting???

    Anyone know any good sites? This is my first time and I'm jw if they're legit. My friend said he uses a prepaid card for his money. Can you use a debit card instead because I've never had a credit card before.
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    Teeth Whitening

    I did but like I said I didn't get the results I was expecting from all the hype of hp. But it's probably because the nicotine stained my teeth from all of that dip tobacco I'm doing lol
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    Teeth Whitening

    My week with hp is done today. I said I would've took pics but honestly the hp didn't give me the results I thought it would. I brushed everyday and uses hp 2x a day. My teeth just got lighter than it used to. Idk I thinks it's probably the tobacco since i dip that brings back the yellow lol.
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    Has ANYONE ever seen an alien/ghost? VOL...mudbutt pass.

    Samething happened to my aunt. We buried my grandma in the Philippines and after the burial, all of my family left my grandmas house in the Philippines. My aunt was saying we should go back to our other houses and hotel because people know that we're from the U.S. and they will rob us. Well as...
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