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    gold frame glasses back ? vol....master p

    Those Numero 15s are absolute fire. Need those in my life
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    Nike Zoom MW posite

    Just got mine today, what a deal 
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    Official FUTURE A1/FBG Thread

    Just the sound of Future's jewelry jingling around during the Slave Master hook   so cold
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    POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

    This ep was worth the two week wait. Wow.
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      New Rocky 
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    Instagram? I followback as always 
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    What's missing from the rap game right now? What are you sick of?

    This is how I feel about it too
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    Official FUTURE A1/FBG Thread

    The conviction that Future belts his lyrics with makes up for his "lack" of bars/ wordplay  He could rap about eating a pizza and deliver it in a way that'll give you chills  Beast Mode is incredible, not on the same level as Monster, but incredible nonetheless
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    The Official Avy Help/Request Thread

    Can I get a Santa hat please, with the image cropped so it's squared? Thanks guys
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    T-Mobile :smokin: They're not the best at everything, but everything they do well, they do very well.
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    Official Fall/Winter 2016/17 Boot Thread...Fall is creepin up

    Are those real?? They look so dope wow 
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    I never knew that......

    Repped for the Nas facts (my fav musician) the royalties one was new to me, dope   at throwing in that little christina applegate fact after a whole list of Nas
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    ✩ The Official Drake ✡ Thread - Scary Hours 2 Out Now

    This Blac Chyna situation is a real mess.  From KTT:
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