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    Should definitely be in a different forum. I'll answer though. Just got a pair of KD IV rogues from them. They are definitely a little worse than VNDS. I would almost say they are less than NDS. Make sure you check the pics closely, I looked on my phone and they seemed pretty good, so I pulled...
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    Legit Check: SB Dunk MF Doom, SB Dunk Bueller

    thanks in advance - about to drop some serious loot on these if they real
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    25 and older Jordan heads

    I'm 36 and as a kid always wanted a pair of Jordan 4s but we were BROKE.  I said this to my wife one day and she went out and bought me the Military Blue retros from 2012.  Over the last year or so I've picked up 1 (usually 2) pairs of every 4 that's been released in the last couple of years...
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    Adidas Originals X Run DMC Pack

    i'm old, so these are a definite cop (if I can find them - looks like the UK store isn't shipping to US) what do you guys think? any UK people - go here...
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    Nearby Restoration Services?

    interested - i have a few pairs that need some TLC
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    Where Y'all Hoop at?

    definitely not cheap, but Lifetime in Ashburn has some good players - a lot of former college players.  definitely above my level of competition, but I'll still run with them when I'm feeling like being a role player (AKA hacking the big guy).  They're open 24 hours too, have had some good 5-5...
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    haha perfect, make them waterproof so the hunters can rock
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