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    How to repair/glue nike air max sole

    Absolutely not. Do not put any sort of super glue on. Will ruin the pair. Will probably ruin bubble. Will fog Instead. Get Angelus shoe cement. From Angelus directly (they’re the supplier of all the paints for pretty much every sneaker customized out there) have the best array of products and...
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    Chicago 1 LC attempt numero dos

    Easy way to tell a fake Jordan I (with the 555088 style code such as Chicagos. Black Toes. Banned. And the other 23 Pairs that are made Retro Hi OG with that style code) that for some reason most of these "underground nonsense spots" that make some amazing fakes that most people can't tell. For...
  3. Chicago 1 LC attempt numero dos

    Chicago 1 LC attempt numero dos

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