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    dacomeup is right - money for Miami won't be an issue IF Frenk and the administration actually value the program. The money didn't want Richt to retire in the first place, they just wanted his son gone with a revamped staff and he wouldn't do it and then it was just a dumb, quick pivot to Manny...
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    ⭐ OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Off-Season Thread: Olympics begin 7/23; NBA Draft 7/29⭐

    It’s less about the sport and much more about understanding where (and how big) your edge in the market is when you bet professionally. He was no doubt ahead of the curve with what he did analytically - but I guarantee that edge he held is long gone. So now he wants to give input on draft...
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    2021 NBA Draft Thread - Summer League Underway

    You're telling me DraftExpress got a chance to see Scottie Barnes over the last couple of weeks and thought LESS of him? He's incredible. He's already the leader of that team, he's legitimately their lead ball handler and creator, his compete level is off the charts and his feel for the game is...
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    ***$$$-NT Sportsbook Thread vol.2- Props props props props props props... EVERYBODY!

    Betanysports is now 5Dimes fwiw. Unclear if it's the same ownership but sign up and you'll see the interface/software is exactly the same. Bookmaker, BetOnline and Heritage are the three books I would use the most if you're a US customer. Heritage for reduced juice and BO for openers. If you...
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    I spent way too much time on here over the years arguing over his basketball merits, and few athletes can evoke those thoughts or emotions on either side. He begrudgingly earned my respect over time, and seeing him continue to evolve and grow as a person, father, friend, husband..that became...
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    NBA Legacy Thread, Update Resumes

    CP reminded me of this thread and thought I'd put a bow on LeBron's CLE return: I can't change anyone's opinion. I'm the original Nick Wright & still would place Jordan #1..for now. And you can still talk me into Kareem placing ahead. But there is going to be a growing case. Jordan had 11 full...
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    The College Basketball Post

    Even without the Little bidding war, They paid Quinerly. And That falls on the HC with new NCAA bylaws. More to come out of that Arizona situation for sure. Book is facing 60 years, who the hell knows what he could say or what he knows. I'd be shocked if Pitino keeps his job and after reading...
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    The College Basketball Post

    I've gone through all the files and cliffs for those who are interested: Louisville set up Bowen with 100K. Were paying someone in the '19 class' mom 5K a month and 'get financed early'. Koprivica? Arizona: Paid 15k for Quinerly. To quote Dawkins - Miller wanted him really ****ing bad. Book...
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    The College Basketball Post

    Miami and Arizona were really bidding 150K ++ for Nas Little. Woo boy.
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    The College Basketball Post

    Was told years ago Wiggins went for 1M+. Some in here downplayed idea of shoe companies carrying that much weight. You can see how this all works now.
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    The College Basketball Post

    Florida or Kansas are already out in front. Can't dribble or pass and can't shoot anymore, either. He could find his way, but right now he stinks. Zion is the real deal.
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    The College Basketball Post

    He needs to resign tomorrow.
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    The College Basketball Post

    Come on. Toilet bowl offense
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    The College Basketball Post

    I get why Ball is polarizing, and I'd have my doubts about his NBA impact, too. For this year? I think he'll do great. Chattanooga is beating someone this March. McLean and Tuoyo can play in any conference.
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    Official 2016-2017 NBA Season Thread - NBA rules Chris Bosh has a career ending injury

    LeBron can and has played well and won with his team playing well LeBron can and has played poorly and lost with his team playing poorly LeBron can and has played well and lost with his team playing poorly LeBron can and has played well and won with his team playing poorly And even in...
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