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    Best '80s Action Movie

    :smokin :smokin
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    Broken Bone Stories

    is it me or does a sprain hurt worse than breaking a bone?
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    Let me let you guys in on a secret....

    :rollin man what?
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    Official: GTA V Thread: Out Now On: PS4,XB1,PS3,XBOX 360 & PC

    Wish I had a time machine man..Dont feel like waiting :{
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    :rollin cant be
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    End of an Era...Niketalk is finished

    joint isnt that bad....the scrolling is killing me already though..pages are sooo long man
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    Official French Montana Thread

    Fraud BLESSED him with that beat man
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    Trailer - Taken 2 - starring Liam Neeson

    ..they are def stretching this but I will watch just to see him run through cats
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