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    ******March 2009 WDYWT Vol. NO PIC QUOTING******!

    Nice bike battleground03. Are those 24s? they look pretty big for that frame.
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    Mizzee X SneakFiend's "Sneaks on a Plane" SB Dunk Low

    Dope! Whats the base shoe?
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    ^John Mayer??
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    ^ Yeah pretty much same thing i was thinking (about jeezy).. sick fit tho
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    OFFICIAL Hypebeasts Thread

    Homie with the big hat isnt BEAST at all.. seen his fits, dope.
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    May 2008 Pickup Thread

    Arent the last ones fake??
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    April 2008 Pickups Thread!

    Purple for sure! ^^
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    April 2008 Pickups Thread!

    Brian Anderson Sbs ^ Nice Couriers! One of the AF1s i would rock other than Linens
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    post pics of your comet 95s

    Those leather ones are really dope!
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    It's back! March 2008 WDYWT Post!

    KROOMA always coming with the fresh fits, even if your jeans cover your shoe alot.
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    my Beautiful NYC Collection of Jordans

    Sick collection!
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    March 2008 Pickups thread!

    SICK! ^
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    My Collection. Tons of pics.

    You have a dope collection, but honestly i would prefer your 2003 collection. but i understand the reson why you got rid of them. Sick collection though
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    **WDYWT Feb Edition 2008**

    Sick powerwalls up there!
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