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    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    I bought a pair of kicking mule workshop 2010s about 6 months ago and wanted to know if there was any way to get them cleaned without having them shrink? They fit perfect in length and I'm afraid if I wash them they will shrink and will look like highwaters. Is there any way to get them...
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    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    I actually agree with the guy, those jeans don't look that great. They definitely don't seem worth the trouble and price the guy paid for them.
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    MC or PGCC?

    MC by far PGCC is a joke, the academics and environment at MC are MUCH better. And like dude said MC is one of the best CC in the US
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    Check your spots, Neon 95s are in!!!

    Had to bite th bullet and pay 180 for local spots don't know !++#. They kept sayin that they're getting them next week for 2 weeks. Does anyone know if they run true to size or what? I ordered a 11 and wear a 11 in AM 90 and stabs.
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    DMV Gamer Tags

    PS3 - apwrxmd05 GTA4 Madden
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    Mccain's motives are to DESTROY ISLAM as it is the evils of the earth

    I can't believe this ++%#....
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    Buying a new laptop for college

    I got a black Macbook it's great. Everything I need in a computer and just the right size. It fits easy into my book bag too which is a plus and the battery last forever so I don't need to carry around the power cord. Plenty of speed and very very easy to use, I never owned a mac and in 2 days...
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    anyone here suffer from Social Anxiety/Anxiety ?

    I used to but the older you get the more confident you are, at least that is my case.
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    The Aftermath of Eating Spice Foods Unappreciation

    I'm Indian so we eat it on a daily basis...
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    I need a new backpack vol. Summer School

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    Pleas to leave lost Amazon tribe alone

    Leave them alone!!!!
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    Is The Barbershop Open Today?

    I know mine isn't....
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    NT, Google Search your MIDDLE name Vol. 757 :hat

    Results 1 - 10 of about 951,000 for Piyush. (0.25 seconds)
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