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    Blazer Sb SIZING compared to PROD2.

    I think you would have to go a full size up to be comfortable. The premes definitely a full size up.
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    It's back! March 2008 WDYWT Post!

    very nice! i still haven't got the heart to cut mine up, had em for over 3 years!
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    ( ( ( WDYWT-OCTOBER-2007 ) ) )

    Out wit the gf...
  4. athima052

    eh why not,,, dresito's collection

    shazam! very nice collection! i love the blazers premes and beautiful loser...oh how i miss the premes.
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    WDYWT Aug-Sept 2007.

    to the gym...
  6. athima052

    WDYWT Aug-Sept 2007.

  7. athima052

    WDYWT Aug-Sept 2007.

    ...please delete.
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