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    NBA 2K10 News Thread (The Game Is OUt)

    ^ where can we watch kobe vs melo?
  2. aubstuh86

    Patrick Swayze passed away...

    OOOOOH MY LOVEEE.. MY DARLING. G. love movie O A T
  3. aubstuh86

    X-Men Origins Wolverine. Worth the money?

    it's a movie u watch once and wont want to watch again.
  4. aubstuh86

    Does anybody else here wait tables?

    gonna get one for a part time job when school starts.
  5. aubstuh86

    Kanye West's outburst history.

    "give a black man a chance man!" what a buffoon. someone put a bullet through this fools head.
  6. aubstuh86

    MTV VMA's vol Best VMA EVER

    My lord I'd wreck her insides.
  7. aubstuh86

    white people and asians too, how much do you pay for a haircut?

    10 dollars, i get a #1 or #2 lineup + fade. right now growing hair out, usually get haircuts every other month
  8. aubstuh86

    Oatmeal Creme Pies and Nutty Bars being worth $1.59 Unappreciation

    8==D ~~~ {{}} mmmmmmm creampie
  9. aubstuh86

    [\Kanye Speaks- Leno Returns Tonight!! 10pm On NBC Vol. Kanye Spoke/]

    i hope jay punches kanye right in the kisser on live television.
  10. aubstuh86

    Dad used daughter, 6, to sell porn pictures

    jesus !%!%$+# christ. a 6 year old a 4 month old GRAND DAUGHTER. this scum of the earth is gonna have a fun time in jail getting his head bashed in everyday.
  11. aubstuh86

    Are the N-word and the OTHER F-word comparable?

    is said "F" wearing the yeezys??
  12. aubstuh86

    UPDATE: DNA matches Lab Tech arrested in Annie Le Yale Grad murder

    how the arrest the POS of a suspect.
  13. aubstuh86

    MTV VMA's vol Best VMA EVER

    LMAO. eminem was like "W T F" when lady gaga said "this is for god and for the days"
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