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    [NYC] Eateries?

    Bens Pizza on Spring st miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  2. audemars elly

    Atmos Koinobori

    nope miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  3. audemars elly

    Milk Blazers

    nj skateshop II in new brunswick. they sellin em for 100 miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  4. audemars elly

    Alife store in NYC

    its worth the trip. miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  5. audemars elly

    BROOKLYN P.O. THEFT!!!!!!!!

    he played you homie miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  6. audemars elly

    Temple University NT'ers

    just walking around campus for the visit i did a couple months ago i saw a lot of shorties that had me like :eek miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  7. audemars elly

    Help Wanted - NY area - Web Design

    pm'ed you miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  8. audemars elly

    NYC heads 18+ plus clubs and strip clubs in manhattan ??

    Suez! miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  9. audemars elly

    Temple University NT'ers

    lol i feel where you comin from man. im not a philly native and dont spend much time out there so youll have to pardon me miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  10. audemars elly

    Temple University NT'ers

    ^ i may have over exaggerated but North Philly in general is a bad setting. i am a black male and frequent east flatbush as i have much family and friends out there so i dont think ill be intimidated. im just saying the area isnt great. miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  11. audemars elly

    Any place in NJ got XI's?

    doubt it. miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  12. audemars elly

    Temple University NT'ers

  13. audemars elly

    YO any places in NY got the vanilla ice blazers?

    PMed. miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  14. audemars elly

    Temple University NT'ers

    ^ lol. yeah the area around the campus is pretty bad. miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
  15. audemars elly

    ::Official Air Jordan Retro 3 "Pures" Post::

    miamivice...all mycocainedreamers.
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