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    Man eats 9 donuts in 9 minutes??

    what the hell i stopped after 1, forget 9 mins of this
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    Yo NT

    dang sorry but i would never name my kid after me, but anyways, i dont think she understands how much of a responsibilty it is to have kids. she probably justwants them because "they're so cute" but you on the other hand wanna get done with college and stuff so you can support them im guessin...
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    Is there a bigger influence than mass media?

    your parents, until you reach that **** you stage
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    Man tries to Deposit $1M dollar bill and gets busted.

    woulda laughed in his face if i was the bank teller
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    Drunk guy + Table = Bad deal.

    was he trying to break the table or something
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    should I let her borrow money?

    if shes real, do it. fake, forget it
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    are there certain limits to the human brain?

    well i think there is limits to remembering stuff. like me, i'll be able to remember more in about 10-20 mins of studying, than 1-2 hours of studying.maybe cause your brain just gets tired or bored. maybe its just me, who knows. somtimes i'll catch myself repeating the same word and it'll lose...
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    Costco samples APPRECiATiON!!

    haha hell yeah, was my lunch made about 2-3 rounds and i was good.. till dinner
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    awww Kids say the darndest things

    they watch way to much tv. but kids will be kids. they will learn someday dont judge a book by its cover
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    NT Recommend me some hobbies

    video games, sports, girls
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    Everything happens for a reason?

    lol imo, some things do happen for a reason like karma, but forgetting your wallet just means you gotta remember to bring it next time
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    Pouring Sugar On Your Cereal Appreciation Post

    pour some on corn flakes or regular cheerios. on frosted flakes is diabetes
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    Any of you know someone with a gambling problem?

    damn, def hes gonna get messed up. tell him to sell some stuff
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