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    i hope you got a good deal on your avy homie.
  2. big fame one

    Mila Kunis Appreciation PICS on pg 2

    a womans ability to stuff he fist in her mouth doesn't help me at all.
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    Are Rice Crispy Treats the best snack food ever?

    nope they ae mediocre at best, but I am not mad at you.
  4. big fame one

    So I may be doing some time...

    I have done more time than you will get for this. Sucks though man, you seem to have a good head about it. Chin up high and middle finger higher dude. When itis all done get out of that poohole state, move to Seattle where if you are caught with weed they ask you what kind it is and if you an...
  5. big fame one

    Official What Did You Get For X-Mas

    got money for scuba gear, some kitchen stuff, a grill, and a dive watch. gave a trip to hawaii and a grand cash, i say keep tings simple.
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    So you chillin in bed w/ ya girl at 2AM.... (UPDATE: Pg. 5)

    there is a reason dude thought it was cool to hit her up at 2am, doesn't matter what she tol you about his being friendzoned, for some reason he thingks itis okay to hit her up at 2am alking about wanting to see her. No good. 74Hoover. Funny.
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    I believe Ive found the best picture on the internet.

    u r a lonely man
  8. big fame one

    Quite possibly the worst invention ever vol. LMAO!

    i just invented the doodooclub, its similar but the reservoir is a bit bigger.
  9. big fame one

    Would you eat this?**Calling all Vegans**

    the bacon I'd mess with but not the cheese
  10. big fame one

    Hey Nike Talk lets have a Beyonce dance competition, here I'll start

    you win my man, you won. I'd battle you but only face to face and wearing th outfits from the video.
  11. big fame one

    Is lumber jack shirt a new trend now ?

    not new, in fact old
  12. big fame one

    NT Should i be worried ? LADIES PLEASE CHECK IN ! Vol. I dont wnna be a Daddy {PICs}

    chicks hot, you could have done much worse.
  13. big fame one

    DIAMONDS for Michelle Obama: $30,000 First Lady Ring?? Ring for wife to say thanks for support

    i am not even a little shocked you started this post tbone.
  14. big fame one

    Being a Dad Appreciation Post..Vol. The first year...Wow how they grow.

    Dat, I feel you. Lil man is in good hands. Good for you homie.
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