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    Update 4/28: Every shoe has a story, My collection Post. Only 55% shown so far....

    damn, you've got too much time on your hands! come over and take pics of my stuff before I get rid of it all!
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    the pacman

    Yo EL...might have to bother you for some custom work!
  3. bigben206

    Nike Sportswear Holiday 2009

    can't wait to customize these--especially since I can't seem to get my hands on the AF1s!
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    '09 Seattle Mariners Season Thread (36-35)-Let's GO!!!!

    I hate Silva with a passion. Another poor performance on Sunday. Oh well, at least my kids got on the FSN broadcast!
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    Nike Air Yeezy

    Word is NT got a shipment of about 20+ pairs...releasing Saturday. I already saw 3 people camping out in front earlier this morning when I dropped off mywife at work. crazy kids.
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    Grownman Seattle SUMMIT Part II Fri 04/24/09 Sole Repair Shop

    America's Next Top Model??? What a sexy beast! sorry D...just had to!
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    Sad of my best friends, Big Fame One has passed away

    just got back from BFOs service...the place was absolutely packed. very touching speeches were made tonight and a lot of stories were shared. saw some peoplei hadn't seen in years...just wished it was under better circumstances. oh, and NT fam was well represented. I'm sure pics will pop up...
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    R.I.P Big Fame One...

    from an impromptu Seattle mini-summit during a Sonics game a few years back... was supposed to send him a copy of this pic years ago but somehow forgot to send it well, at least my business trip got cancelled so it looks like i'll be there tonight.
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    Sad of my best friends, Big Fame One has passed away

    jake was a really good dude. i remember the first time i met him, he made me feel like i'd known him forever...even offered me the hat off his head! thatwas the kind of guy he was. RIP
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    R.I.P Big Fame One...

    damn. unbelievable. i saw the story on the news but didn't think nothing of it. prayers to him and his fam. i wish i could make it out to hisservices but will be out of town. RIP *WC should put a commemorative shirt together and have all the proceeds go towards something BFO worthy.
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    Thunders' New Mascot..vol Sasquatch > Bison

    ok, so I happened to catch a rerun of ABDC earlier today--and then it hit me! this fake Squatch wannabe bison-thingy reminded me of... uncanny resemblance if you ask me.....but I don't know which one I hate more
  12. bigben206

    Thunders' New Mascot..vol Sasquatch > Bison

    looks like Squatch and Benny the Bull's love child
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    Welcome back "The Kid"

    soooooo hyped--can't wait to go to more M's games this year!
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