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    Dressing better

    anyone own a pair of these? I wanna see how they look worn
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    My opinion on the store is that I give credit to the owners for opening a shop, but wasn't really impressed on the selection of brands and pieces theychoose to sell. It seemed more marketed to a certain segment of customers, which isn't even that big in the Seattle area (IMO). I haven't...
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    Official Brickbreaker thread. vol: couldnt find the old one.

    did the OP play the blackberry curve version like everyone else? That score seems impossible, haha.
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    Official Brickbreaker thread. vol: couldnt find the old one.

    wow! i got my highest score today 27,830
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    Why do you want your banned screen name back? Volume 3

    Banned sn = tonyt reason - tonyt is my sn for everything, forums, aim, log-ins, etc.
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    Step Brothers

    Just saw this the other day for the first time. I slept on it, thinking it would be the same jokes from all the Will Ferrel movies, but this was one of thefunniest movies that I have seen.
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    ***211 - Swing Ya Rag video (CTE West)***

    IS this a parody? Do people actually rap with their bandana on the mic or is this some parody of gangster rappers?
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    Weather Thread: It's been TOO cold lately....

    I know a couple kids that graduated from Kentridge, didnt know that many people went there too
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    Weather Thread: It's been TOO cold lately....

    you guys know Lynette Mina or My-Hanh from Franklin?
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    A girl problem unlike any other...(No Pics)

    Does she not have a mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, etc that she can ask?
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    Charles Hamilton, Overdoing it??? (Video)

    how old is dude? wearing headphones everywhere you go, sonic logo tees and sweaters and t-shirts over button ups -_-
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    Charles Hamilton RESPONDS To Soulja Boy.... I WASNT Tryna To DISS Him!!!!!!!

    dude is one of the corniest rappers out right now.
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    Well NT, I finally got my liscense, and pics of my first car- BMW 325i (O_o)

    This dude got the T-Pain blonde tips
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    doyoung9, draw a bear fighting a cow right next to the time.
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    Thanksgiving PYP Vol. BRB

    smh at the Thanksgiving Homeless Shelter Dinner set-up
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