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    Am I the only one..

    i thought the same $#!%
  2. bksfinest457

    Tila and Ben Baller?

    Yea, Hes hitting that.
  3. bksfinest457

    when was the last time you experienced disappointment of any kind?

    my mom letting me down on everything she promises me...SMH
  4. bksfinest457

    Would you switch rooms if?....

    tell em to take more showers
  5. bksfinest457

    Favorite Childhood Thirst Quenchers Appreciation

    Quarter Juices ...oh and kool aid burst (cherry) =D
  6. bksfinest457

    NT...reccomend me a good cologne?

    Curve = Panty Dropper
  7. bksfinest457

    Listening to your iPod while Dropping a Deuce: Yay or Nay ?

    I've heard storys, I must try. Ya do it ?
  8. bksfinest457

    Possible to lose a pound a day for a month?

    best advice given so far
  9. bksfinest457

    What's your addiction.

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