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    Columbia Air Jordan 4 Retro for 2015 (01/10/15 $190)

    Your whole post defines exactly what I came to say. Oreo's and i'll be on my way again....
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    Agreement between Blackiceblaze and airedweezy

    I'm selling my AJ1 (white/blk-red) from 1994 to airedweezy for $180 shipped. shoes will be shipped via usps, and tracking will be provided when its available. airedweezy, do you agree?
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    Official Nike Air Yeezy 2 thread vol. 2 - 6/9/12 Global Release Date: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    "Stoudemire has claimed he has Jewish roots in his mother's family heritage. His mother "mentioned that somewhere back in her lineage there might be some Jewish roots".[47] In a 2010 interview, he said: "I have been aware since my youth that I am a Hebrew through my mother, and that is something...
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    6/10 TNA Slammiversary PPV - Roode v Sting, Joseph Park v Bully Ray, Angle/AJ v Daniels/Kaz, WWE...

    Haven't posted in a while, but good lord. AJ has come up!!!! #1 FAN!!!!!!!
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    Wrestling Thread Mar 19-25 | 3/26 - New Thread Coming, Once In A Lifetime Special 8pm Tonight USA

    4Wrestling, I will troll you in Review-a-raw live chats. Be prepared.
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    Wrestling Thread Mar 5-11 | 3/9 Smackdown - A Night of Craziness

    If you guys have never seen it, WATCH THIS. Just found this on youtube and it usually gets taken down quick. Kobashi vs. Samoa Joe Wrestling Observer 5 star match
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    Retro 7 Release 2/24/2012 ??

    Yeah, you righttttt
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    Retro 7 Release 2/24/2012 ??

    Stealin' my username
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    +1. I can't believe people's feelings are being hurt because of these Foams (and I'm not trying to treat you OP, just in general).
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    Retro 7 Release 2/24/2012 ??

    Actually, it's these:
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    Wrestling Thrd Jan 2-8 | 1/8 TNA Genesis - Roode vs Hardy, Angle vs Storm | Predictions Close @ 8pm

    If Michelle McCool comes back during this match.... I will be PISSED
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