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    Air Jordan 13/14 "Finals Pack" $500 June 14th 2017

    I'm no expert but the leather on the XIII feels way cheaper than the XIV.
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    Official Air Max 97 Thread

    This release was pretty strange, a few local spots had them for different retail prices, some were $160.00 and some places had them for more. Most places, if not all, had no GS sizes. Easy cop though, hoping golds will be too. I'm here for the Scotchlite!
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    Yeah @JordanHead718212 also saw a confirmation for the Gatorade VI, a blue/white AJ XI that was leaked a while back, bordeaux XII, red XI, blk/university blue VI and a few others I've forgotten.
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    Word around the campfire is there will be a wheat VI releasing for Black Friday. *Sorry if posted already!
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    2017 Air Jordan 2 UNC Alumni Game PE

    I like them, wish they said NIKE on the back but I love how that black line isn't running down the side like the previous retro II's. This thread really makes me want to try my hand at getting PE's.
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    Lets go ahead and review water...

    I have been looking for a go-to water source for a while, saw a documentary on fluoride and it had me on the hunt hard at one point. I also watched the episode of, "Good Eats" where Alton talks about how water works. I distrust our governments stance on fluoridation and the fact that regular...
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    Air Jordan 2 Retro 2014 Official Thread

    What's up, I am looking at a pair of II's I have from 2010 and they are the Retro II QF white/black/red. Can anyone let me know what this means? Any help is appreciated.
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    The Official Air Jordan 1 Retro Blk/Red "BANNED" Sept 3 2016

    Based on the breakout I just saw.... if a company is getting over 2000 BLK/MTLLC V's, expect less than 500 BLK/RED I's.
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    Air Jordan 17+ Retro "Copper" - The Aftermath - NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING

    Not even going to front, I was trying to justify buying these for retail but they look/feel like it won't be worth it down the line. The creases are going to kill the look and the white midsole will make it look worse, I have no patience for fragile kicks.
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    Air Jordan 17+ Retro "Copper" - The Aftermath - NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING

    They feel good but man the front is going to be hard to keep looking nice after a few good wears.
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    Air Jordan 17+ Retro "Copper" - The Aftermath - NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING

    LOL at the, "new" Air Jordan box. No suitcase with these. No blue, "peel" sticker. Still nice though, crazy seeing, "17+ RETRO".
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    AJ XXX (30)

    Two pair released?
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    AJ XXX (30)

    Anyone put the launch pair under a black light yet?
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