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    Unpopular Opinions?

    I tell people this all the time
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    Unpopular Opinions?

    I tell people this all the time
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    wow at the Richie Williams
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    Soccer jerseys (mostly the Arsenal) Fitted hats Original Art work Classic Hip Hop Vinyl (85-94 golden years)
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    Racism or no Racism: Delonas' Cartoon - Your Thoughts?

    Black people being depicted as apes, monkeys, gorillas, baboons, etc, isone of the oldest racial stereotypes/ canards that have been used to de-humanize blacks since people got in the de-humanizing black people game. There is areason the term "porch monkey" is an insult. (And if you don't...
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    The People Have Spoken -- D.A.R. '09 -- January 24th

    I will be in there. Missed that last two, but I won't let that happen again
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    pain @ the pump

    Buying premium gas sucks, and I think my car gets like 19mpg average. I'm about to take it back high school style and starting ask people for gas money when I give them a ride. I wish I could take the metro to work
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    Whitlock -- Nails it? Or just swinging the hammer?

    Whitlock acts like there is no sub-text to anything. If you can'tsee the King Kong aspect of that picture you are blind. And because I doubt there was more than one person of color atthat photo editing meeting, no one there got that sub-text. And please don't tell me it's just apicture. They...
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    Since it was on Hypebeast I will be there
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    Spots to still purchase Bobbito His?

    I think I got the last pair of blue's from Cmonwealth last week. They still had the brown and wheat ones then though. Should be on sale, got mine forlike 30% off
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    The Wire

    I can't believe that Lester was married to the stripper from Season one. She was hot though. I'm cool with the ending, it's a cycle that never stops.
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    Dying Young, Black (Michael Wilbon)

    I get what Jason Whitlock is trying to say but…. The Black KKK! Is he serious? The problem I have with people likehim is that they leave half the equation out of the problem. Black people do need to take more personal responsibility, out of wedlock births, drugs, crime,lack of education...
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    Official Thread :: D.A.R. :: Nov. 17th :: You there? POST!

    I won't be there this time, going to the Bahammas for a wedding rocking some Mandels
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    Hope Yall Bammas Switched to YuKu..

    It's not so bad
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