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    Nike Space Hippie

    Those are good, but OG> Nike needs the volt on those dark greys.
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    Apple iPhone thread| iPhone SE available 4.24.20

    Where'd you see this recently? It's gone back and forth, I holding out hope it pulls through, seems silly if they would miss the boat on this feature.
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    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    Those are a different colorway of the Jumpman 2021, shown on page 9.
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    **2019-20 LAKERS THREAD** RIP, Kobe & Mambacita. Thanks for Mamba Mentality. "You're welcome."

    Not tonight through my Apple Tv 4th Gen, but last night it paused for a 1-2 seconds, every few mins. Had to jump out of the app and back in. Wasn't working on my iPad Air 2 the last Laker game. Telling me to open the app once I got home for live TV trying to stream the game in bed.
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    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    Real glad those (Jumpman 2021) aren't the 35. Turrible looking. With how the recent (31-34) have been so good looking, I'm expecting something real dope, as the 34 have been a beautiful silhouette for many great colorways, very few duds(Bayou Boyz still ugly to me)
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    Post Your New Eras*59-Fiftys*etc... VOL. INFINITY NOW W/ Henz0/Thunderchunk/Icy's FAQ ON PG.1

    Picked up a new hat online thru their Pro Shop @Lambeau Small issue though, the logo isn't level. Needs to go to the left few degrees. Emailed their customer service just now, not sure if they'll exchange it or not, but noticed it right away. And I'mma say it before anyone else #TeamSmallHead...
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    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Just went through both seasons of Ramy, such a great show! The 2nd season hit a lot of interesting topics...Steve was trippin on the bachelor episode. 😂🤮
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    D/S Air Jordan 11 Bred sz 9.5

    D/S Air Jordan 11 Bred sz 9.5 $350 plus shipping to anywhere in the USA.
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    NT, What Beer Do You Drink?

    Just about anything Central Waters puts into barrels is great, but yes, their BA Stout is fantastic, and slept on. Here's some recent beers over the past month-ish.
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    Official Nike Tennis Thread

    I know this is technically the Nike Tennis thread, but didn’t see that there was anything else with tennis here... What’s everyone’s thoughts on the On x Roger Federer first shoe? I know it’s a casual shoe, and not an “On Court” shoe, but they were limited to only 1,000 made.
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    Those Kay Yow's are 😍🔥
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