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    Adidas NMD thread

    Bah. Going back to trolling the UB thread
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    Still extremely upset with Jordan Brand/Nike

    Are you the receptionist at the firm? Do you work in the mail room? Because I don't know how anyone who works with brokering trading of anything could spew about the dangers of business ethics, but when the topic of Nike comes up think first "waaa but I wanted to kopp and they ran out - that was...
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    Still extremely upset with Jordan Brand/Nike

    Bwahahaha Nike could have priced these at $240, there would have been fewer crowds and less mayhem and they would have still sold out (within 48 hrs instead of 5 minutes). Consider it a personal favor to you for the greater good that they gave you a $60 discount at $180. Sure, you got shot but...
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    Still extremely upset with Jordan Brand/Nike

    BWAHAHAHA  Exploitation? Slavery? You are comparing the privilege of free-will of a bunch of 14 year old kids to take their daddy's allowance money, their mommy's minivan to the local cookie-cutter mini-mall in order to line up for 5 hours (no need for a job) and buy a $180 sneaker that some...
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    Still extremely upset with Jordan Brand/Nike

    LOL class action lawsuit?  JB has an easier chance of suing the tramplers than the other way around. You are enfuriated, the quality sucks, they are overpriced and you STILL lined up? Stop buying em/
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    DJ AM Passed

    Rest in peace, AM
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    eligibility - he should be allowed to play, he served his jail term without a peep, there's nothing else to punish him for. condition - he will be in decent enough shape to get a few try-outs ability - I don't see him having enough ability left to play. I envision a few games and then he will...
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    Is it harder to make the NFL than the NBA ?

    do you really have to wonder this? Look at revenue for each league, divide it by the number of players in each league. there's your answer.
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    Is it harder to make the NFL than the NBA ?

    Yeah. It's simple math. How many players are officially in the NBA vs NFL? the NFL has far more. Anecdotally, I have known several people who worked hard, struggled for a while, then made the NFL on special teams. I don't know anyone who ever made theNBA, personally.
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    There is another color, I believe it is called Shadow, it is a steel grey blue, with the OG gradient upper. I believe it is UK edition and for women. Circa2002
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    New Kobe commercial featuring NT's own

    AM, that's embarrassing. How can you collect AF1 and Dunks and Js and shoot like that??? Looks worse than me, and that's not easy to do
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    Why is that White (American) fighters are more succesful in MMA than in Boxing?

    How can this be that hard to understand? Go a MMA fight night at any sportsbar. it is 80% white. Where do you think future MMA fighters come from? It's from this massive pool of wannabes. Out ofthese thousands, a couple will make it. Where do boxers come from? They straight up come from the...
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    CHRIS Paul sets consecutive game steals record

    This is a pretty crazy record. I thought game summaries should have given it more coverage.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the next big thing.

    People who are really tight with him call him Fitty
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    Yi Over Bosh, Pierce? No Way

    The whole point of fan voting is that it doesn't matter why you voted for them. The fan decides that reason and decides who. Just because the player gotjokes and is friendly to the media? Sure. Just because they have a popular sneaker commercial? Sure. Just because they used to be good but suck...
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