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    Mick Jenkins - Martyr (Video) / The Waters - August 12th

    This guy is really good. I'm surprised The Waters isn't getting more fanfare.
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    Official Supreme Thread; F/W14; FAQ ON PG 1; vol. End of F/W Sale

    Was able to get the Jacquard Camp in black. I was surprised all of them were still available, maybe people aren't feeling the vent eyelets.
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    Official Supreme Thread; F/W14; FAQ ON PG 1; vol. End of F/W Sale

    No matter what Item I try to cop it tells me it wont allow me to process the payment. I tried different Items so I know they're not sold out. It claims that it may be my credit card funds, but I know that's not the case. Any suggestions?
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    I miss HBO Entourage.

    Show had a good run. Luchini playing when they enter Vegas :hat
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    Little Brother ft. Elzhi - Hiding Place Appreciation

    This album is classic. I always go back and forth between this and the listening. I'm still not sure which is better.
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    Action Bronson - Heel Toe (prod Harry Fraud)

    Have no clue why this was left off of Saaab Stories. Sounds like it could have fit right in with cigarette boats as well.
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    This tape surprised me, its pretty damn good. The royalty feature got my interest and after seeing the ab and bronson features I had to check it out.
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    [:: KID CUDI Thread - Kanye/Cudi Album 6/8/18 ::]

    The album is pretty good, although I have to admit it was disappointing after the first listen. I think bringing in some other producers could have served him well.
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    5 Albums That Should Already Be Considered Classics

    Hell Hath No Fury Be Late Registration Undun Madvillany
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    The albums pretty good. Musically its the best thing he's put out, but this album still could use work.
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    BEYONCE - BOW DOWN produced by HITBOY

    2nd half isn't bad overall the song is just ok.
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    The Earl Sweatshirt album is gonna be a problem...

    New song is dope. Saying hes gonna make Kendrick impact is crazy, but he can probably drop one of the better debuts to come out recently.
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    HBO's "GIRLS" Vol. "That Was Way Harsh, Tai"...

    Pretty good episode. Victor Rasuk sighting?
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    Who Would You Consider To Be The Best Rapper Out Of MMG Wale or Meek Mill?

    Ross is the best rapper now. But old Wale and Stalley were lyrically superior. Ross>Wale>Meek>Stalley>Gunplay
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