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    Pics of the VI + XVII Countdown pack

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. really sick. im gonna have to get a pair.
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    Vitamin Water AF1 v2.0

    Those are tremendously sick. Love the idea. very creative just like everyone says. aahha, and I like the ingredients list : Mood Musik III its that on top MUSIC.
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    Recycled J's (Pics)

    Thats pretty sick. I'm assuming the theme was jordans and sea creatures? some of the look like stingrays and squids
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    Post Your PATENT LEATHER Kicks!

    Only pair of patents i own. I love em though
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    OFFICIAL Hypebeasts Thread

    let me chill. this thread is funny as hell
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    VIIIs with no straps *PICS FIXED* *pg1 edit*

    Not too shabby. I actually like the look, coulda been like an IE or something.
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    Pic Request: Michael Jordan Wearing 21's

    Didn't need to see MJ rocking XXIs to cop em...IMO the Bred Low XXIs were the best colorway to release
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    delete please, thanks!

    Those XVs are by far my absolute favorite pair. Thanks for sharing with us. right click save
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    Gmoney's small humble collection

    Nice stuff overall most definitely. Sick collection of forces....wish my brooklyns still looked like that
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    The Matching Game

    lmao, i wanna see the response for these.
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    The Matching Game

    I'm in the rock and roll mood
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    eminenthoney's collection

    Powder Blue Xs, TB IIIs, Cement IIIs, and French Blue VIIs. dope stuff most def
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    Penny Foamposite in nyc

    170 for silver/black foams is not a deal? i seen pairs go for over 250. not sure of market value on silver/black foam pros but im sure its not retail. and if that was the case, he wouldnt have grapes from close to 300. he has plenty of grapes and im sure of that
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    Penny Foamposite in nyc

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