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    Laugh with me NT...

    Celebrated to early lol
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    Lil Wayne made a pact with a Demon named Murmur? (very long read)

    "they gonna find you hide your kids hide your wife they looking for you"
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    Lock this up, apparently I'm a troll.

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    NT I got a car repo question ?

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    NT I got a car repo question ?

    What's going on? So basically my question is at what point does a car get repossessed ? I am currently 2 months behind due to financial issues I had to pay first. I get paid next Thursday 4-12(which ima pay in full) but I'm Woundering if I'm good til then or would they just take the car back...
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    What ya doin today

    Yeah I wanna it's not that bad, but it's I know it's there kinda thing !! But I have never done nothing like that before.. Guess worth a shot KOBE in the fourth .
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    What ya doin today

    Chrysler 300
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    What ya doin today

    Thinking bout fixing a dent on the car but lil iffy on taking the panel off... Seems easy couple screws what you guys think ??
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    My cry for help.

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    Air Jordan XI Retro - White/Concord/Black - CONFIRMED - Holiday 2011

    Any one have an idea where I can pre-order kids size for the lady??
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    Where My Tucson NT'ers At?

    whats good tucson NT's.. anyone ever go to del sol always wanna go play blackjack no one ever wants to roll.. hit me up NO %%%! hahahaha....
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    ||| - The Official Wiz Khalifa Thread [Cabin Fever Out Now] // Rolling Papers out March 29th - |||

    ^^^^^ what's size bra?? Let me cop one off you hook at fellow NT bro out.. I already went to the Tucson and phx show.
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