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    Post Your Motorcycle

    ^^^^^^ yeah evo power aint no joke i decided im selling mine after having it for 3 years, hopefully i dont regret it in the future
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    Post Your Motorcycle

    havnt posted on here in a while still have the gsxr went shopping the other day because she felt lonely, came back home with an r1 the girls together stay up fam
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    Post Your Motorcycle

    went riding the other day stay up fellas
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    Post Your Motorcycle

    ive never heard of them. i started off with scorpion and now use agv or shoei
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    18 x 9.5 car is pretty much full bolt ons. most of the parts are AMS running on a cobb tune
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    guess you hang out with too many stance kids im on fully adjustable coilovers set at the perfect drop for me
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    my evo as it sits
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    Post Your Motorcycle

    quick vid i took this weekend
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    Nike Lebron 10 low

    DS brand new lebron 10 low with receipt knicks colorway. og box paypal or meetup in houston tx
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    Nike Foamposite whiteout

    vnds nike foamposite whiteout size 11 (no original box) only flaw is a small blue smudge on inside on one shoe, shown in the picture. pretty sure it can be removed with some shoe cleaner paypal or meetup in houston tx
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    Nike Foamposite Pine Green

    vnds nike foamposite pine green size 10.5 with original box and receipt paypal or meetup in houston tx
  12. cubanjumpman

    Nike Foamposite copper

    vnds nike foamposite copper size 11 with original box paypal or meetup in houston, tx
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    Nike foamposite Pewter

    getting rid of some shoes vnds pewter foamposites size 11 with og box located in houston, tx
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    GoPro Video Thread

    got a gopro a few weeks ago. heres a quick vid i made
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    Post Your Motorcycle

    havent posted on here in a few years still got the gixxer, moved from Jersey to Houston this is how the bike is looking at the moment
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